Who leaves Strictly Come Dancing last night?


Who leaves Strictly Come Dancing last night? Fans of Strictly Come Dancing are eagerly awaiting the latest updates on the show, including who left the competition in the most recent episode. The 21st anniversary season is in full swing, with captivating choreography and intense competition. One couple’s journey has come to an end, leaving viewers curious about the remaining contestants. Find out all the details about the latest elimination and what the eliminated couple had to say about their experience on the show. Let’s find out more here: cupstograms.net.

Strictly Come Dancing: Who Left Last Night?


The latest episode of Strictly Come Dancing had fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the announcement of who would be leaving the competition. With the 21st anniversary season in full swing, viewers were treated to another round of mesmerizing performances and dazzling choreography. However, for one couple, their journey on the dance floor came to an end.

Adam Thomas and Luba Mushtuk Eliminated

Unfortunately, it was Adam Thomas and his talented partner Luba Mushtuk who bid farewell to Strictly Come Dancing last night. Despite their impressive start and captivating routines, they were unable to secure enough votes from the viewers at home to continue in the competition. Adam’s departure marked the end of a remarkable seven-week journey filled with growth, self-discovery, and unforgettable memories.

The Dance-Off

In the nail-biting dance-off, Adam and Luba faced off against Angela Rippon and her partner Kai Widdrington. Both couples delivered stunning performances, showcasing their skills and passion on the dance floor. Angela and Kai performed a graceful Waltz to the enchanting melody of Nat King Cole’s “Fascination,” while Adam and Luba mesmerized the audience with their emotional Rumba to Callum Scott’s “Dancing On My Own.”

Judges’ Verdict

After the couples had danced for a second time, the judges had the difficult task of deciding who would stay in the competition. Craig Revel Horwood, Motsi Mabuse, Anton Du Beke, and Head Judge Shirley Ballas carefully deliberated and delivered their verdicts. Ultimately, with three votes in favor of Angela and Kai, they secured their place in the competition, leaving Adam and Luba with a bittersweet farewell.

Adam and Luba’s Farewell

As the realization of their departure sank in, Adam and Luba graciously accepted their fate. Adam expressed his gratitude for the incredible journey he had experienced, surpassing his own expectations and discovering newfound confidence and self-belief. Luba, touched by their bond and the impact of their time together, assured Adam that he was a winner in her heart forever.

With the competition heating up and the remaining couples gearing up for their next performances, Strictly Come Dancing continues to captivate audiences with its dazzling routines and electrifying atmosphere. Stay tuned for more thrilling moments as the journey to crown the 2023 champion unfolds.

Remaining Contestants and Upcoming Episodes

As the competition intensifies on Strictly Come Dancing, the remaining contestants are gearing up for their next performances. With each passing week, the stakes get higher and the pressure mounts. The talented dancers are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to impress the judges and win the hearts of the viewers. Stay tuned to witness the incredible talent and captivating routines that lie ahead.

Performance by Zara Larsson

Sunday’s results show treated the audience to a mesmerizing performance by Swedish pop sensation Zara Larsson. With her powerful vocals and infectious energy, she lit up the ballroom and added an extra touch of glamour to the evening. Her performance was a testament to the incredible talent that graces the Strictly stage, leaving the audience in awe and eagerly anticipating the next musical guest.

Next Episodes and Schedule

Mark your calendars because Strictly Come Dancing will be back with more dazzling performances on Saturday, 11th November at 6:05 pm. The remaining eight couples will take to the dance floor, showcasing their skills and creativity in a bid to secure their place in the competition. Don’t forget to tune in to the results show on Sunday, 5th November at 7:20 pm on BBC One to find out who will continue their journey and who will face elimination.

Exclusive Interview on Strictly: It Takes Two

For an exclusive behind-the-scenes look and insights from the eliminated contestants, don’t miss Strictly: It Takes Two on Monday, 6th November at 6:30 pm on BBC Two. Adam Thomas and his partner Luba Mushtuk will join Fleur East and Janette Manrara for their first televised interview since leaving the show. Get ready to hear their thoughts, reflections, and memorable moments from their time on Strictly Come Dancing. It’s an opportunity to delve deeper into their experiences and gain a deeper understanding of the dedication and hard work that goes into each performance.

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Adam Thomas and his professional partner Luba Mushtuk have been eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing. The couple faced Angela Rippon and her partner Kai Widdrington in the dance-off, but the judges ultimately chose to save Angela and Kai. Adam expressed his gratitude for the experience and the personal growth he achieved throughout the competition. The remaining eight couples will continue their journey on the next episode of Strictly Come Dancing. Stay tuned for more exciting performances and results!

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