WATCH: Sheetal Patra Leaked Video MMS Sparks Controversy Online

WATCH: Sheetal Patra Leaked Video MMS Sparks Controversy Online

Sheetal Patra Accuses Filmmaker Dayanidhi Dahima of Harassment: The Viral Video

In recent news, a viral video featuring well-known Odia actress Sheetal Patra has been making waves on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. The video shows Patra accusing filmmaker Dayanidhi Dahima of harassment. This incident has gained significant attention and sparked outrage in the Odi film industry, also known as Ollywood. Let’s delve into the details of this controversy and find out more about what transpired.

The Allegations and Public Interest

Sheetal Patra’s video went viral, drawing public attention and sparking a heated discussion. In the video, she accuses Dayanidhi Dahima of harassment. However, Patra also addresses false information circulating about her, further fueling the controversy. Although the specifics of the fake news haven’t been revealed in detail, Patra’s social media post on the matter has contributed to public disagreement. As a result, the video and its implications have become a major talking point.

Media Spotlight on Sheetal Patra’s Video

Kanak News, a 24/7 news channel for Odisha run by Eastern Media Limited, has shed significant light on Sheetal Patra’s revelations. The channel has highlighted the severity of the issue at hand. Patra’s words have garnered attention not only in her own area but also among the wider public. The allegations she has made against Dayanidhi Dahima are concerning, to say the least.

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The Alleged Blackmail and Assault

According to Patra’s complaint, during their relationship in 2019, Dahima secretly took pictures of her. These pictures later became a tool for blackmail. Dahima, who is also the owner of Dayanidhi Entertainment, allegedly threatened to share the images with Patra’s family and acquaintances if she didn’t comply with his demands. The level of blackmail escalated when he pressured Patra to return all professional payments in which he had been involved. This monetary manipulation was coupled with threats of publicizing the photographs. In a horrifying turn of events, the situation escalated to physical assault. Patra claims that Dahima attacked her at her college, tearing her uniform and subjecting her to public humiliation.

The Outlook: What Lies Ahead?

As the story continues to unfold, both fans and reviewers are eagerly awaiting the next chapter. The allegations made by Sheetal Patra against Dayanidhi Dahima are serious and demand thorough investigation. It is crucial to support and protect victims of harassment in the entertainment industry and ensure that justice is served. Only time will tell how this controversy will evolve and what consequences it will have for those involved.


1. What is the viral video about?

The viral video features Sheetal Patra, an Odia actress, accusing filmmaker Dayanidhi Dahima of harassment.

2. What are the allegations made by Sheetal Patra?

Sheetal Patra alleges that Dayanidhi Dahima secretly took pictures of her without her knowledge and later used them to blackmail her. She also claims that Dahima physically assaulted her.

3. How has the public responded to the video?

The video has sparked outrage and public disagreement. It has become a major topic of discussion, with people expressing their opinions and concerns about the allegations made by Sheetal Patra.

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4. What is the role of Kanak News in this controversy?

Kanak News, a news channel for Odisha, has highlighted Sheetal Patra’s revelations and emphasized the seriousness of the issue. They have played a significant role in bringing attention to the allegations and the need for further investigation.

5. What can be expected in the future regarding this controversy?

The future of this controversy remains uncertain. However, it is important to ensure a thorough investigation and support victims of harassment in the entertainment industry. The consequences for those involved will depend on the outcomes of the investigation and legal proceedings.


In the recent viral video, Sheetal Patra, a popular Odia actress, has accused filmmaker Dayanidhi Dahima of harassment. The video has caused a significant uproar and drawn public attention to the issue. Patra’s allegations of blackmail and physical assault have raised serious concerns in the Odi film industry. It is crucial to support and protect victims of harassment, and further investigation is needed to uncover the truth. The impact of

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