WATCH: Bethenny Frankel podcast video sparks outrage online

WATCH: Bethenny Frankel podcast video sparks outrage online

Raquel Leviss Opens Up About Relationship with Tom Sandoval in Podcast Interview with Bethenny Frankel

Raquel Leviss, known for her appearance on Vanderpump Rules, recently sat down for an interview with Bethenny Frankel on a popular podcast show. The interview has since gone viral, as Leviss discussed her relationship with Tom Sandoval and shed light on the intricacies of their affair.

The Backlash and Reunion Filming

When Leviss and Sandoval began dating, it caused a stir among fans. Sandoval had previously been in a decade-long relationship with Ariana Madix, who happened to be friends with Leviss. The new couple faced significant backlash from fans, and their relationship was put to the test when they filmed the season 10 reunion of Vanderpump Rules.

During this time, Leviss found herself in a mental health facility, which raised questions about the future of her relationship with Sandoval. While Sandoval remained unreachable and out of the public eye, Leviss became the sole spokesperson for their relationship, making her first appearance since the reunion on August 16, 2023.

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Raquel’s Candid Interview with Bethenny Frankel

Seeking solace and a chance to address the rumors and speculation surrounding her relationship with Sandoval, Leviss chose to tell her side of the story in an interview with Bethenny Frankel. The interview provided an opportunity for Leviss to speak her truth and give insight into her journey.

After the interview aired, fans took to social media to express their reactions. Opinions were divided, with some believing that Leviss had not learned from her past mistakes, while others offered support and encouragement. The former cast member faced criticism, with many viewers finding the interview painful to watch.

Stepping Out of the Spotlight

Prior to the interview, Leviss had kept a low profile and avoided media interactions following the news of her affair with Sandoval becoming public. She explained her decision to distance herself from the spotlight, citing the chaotic and overwhelming nature of the situation. Leviss wanted to take time for self-reflection and understand her own behavior patterns.

During her conversation with Frankel, Leviss delved into her thoughts and emotions, questioning why she repeatedly found herself in relationships with unavailable partners and exploring the changes she needed to make within herself. She acknowledged the need for personal growth and self-improvement in order to break free from unhealthy relationship patterns.


Raquel Leviss’s podcast interview with Bethenny Frankel provided fans with an inside look into her relationship with Tom Sandoval and the challenges they have faced. It sparked both support and criticism from viewers, highlighting the complexities of navigating personal relationships in the public eye.

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Q: How did fans react to Raquel Leviss’s interview with Bethenny Frankel?

A: Fans had mixed reactions to the interview, with some showing support and others criticizing Leviss for her past choices.

Q: Why did Raquel Leviss choose to step out of the spotlight?

A: Leviss felt overwhelmed by the attention and wanted to take time for self-reflection and personal growth.

Q: How did the interview with Bethenny Frankel help Raquel Leviss?

A: The interview gave Leviss an opportunity to speak her truth and address the rumors surrounding her relationship with Tom Sandoval.

Q: What impact did the interview have on Vanderpump Rules fans?

A: The interview sparked discussion among fans and brought attention to the complexities of navigating relationships in the public eye.

Q: Did Raquel Leviss express remorse for her past actions during the interview?

A: The interview provided Leviss with a platform to reflect on her behavior and express a desire for personal growth and change.

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