A.J. Hawk seriously injured his eye: while co-hosting ‘The Pat McAfee Show’

AJ Hawk Suffers Eye Injury After Son’s Accidental Scratch

A.J. Hawk seriously injured his eye: Former Green Bay Packers player and cohost of The Pat McAfee Show, A.J. Hawk, recently shared a harrowing experience involving his young son, Axel. After a playful incident, Axel accidentally scratched off a significant portion of Hawk’s cornea, causing extreme eye pain and discomfort. Despite trying to ignore the injury, Hawk eventually sought medical attention and discovered that a third of his cornea was gone. Now sporting an eye patch, Hawk humorously shared his ordeal and expressed uncertainty about the recovery process. Find out more about this eye-opening mishap and its unexpected consequences. Let’s find out more here: cupstograms.net.

AJ Hawk’s Eye Injury: Son Scratches Cornea

Pat McAfee Show and NFL legend AJ Hawk suffers gruesome eye injury after  son scratches out third of his cornea | The US Sun

Extreme Eye Pain and Doctor’s Visit

Over the weekend, former Green Bay Packers and Ohio State football player A.J. Hawk experienced excruciating eye pain after his young son, Axel, accidentally scratched his eye. Initially, Hawk tried to ignore the discomfort, but the intensity of the pain prompted him to seek medical attention. After consulting with a doctor, it was revealed that Axel had scratched off a significant portion of Hawk’s cornea.

Extent of the Injury

During the second hour of the Pat McAfee Show, A.J. Hawk appeared wearing a striking eye patch, revealing the extent of the injury he had endured. With a touch of humor, Hawk shared the story of how his son’s innocent gesture resulted in a deep thumb gouge into his eyeball, causing his nail to inadvertently remove a portion of his cornea. The doctor’s diagnosis confirmed that approximately one-third of Hawk’s cornea had been affected, leaving a noticeable divot.

Wearing an Eye Patch

Hawk expressed his hope that he would only need to wear the eye patch for a single day. However, the uncertainty surrounding his recovery made it difficult to predict the duration of his eye patch usage. Despite the discomfort and inconvenience, Hawk maintained a positive outlook, jokingly acknowledging that his eye patch might serve as a temporary distraction during the show.

Recovery and Uncertainty

As Hawk faced the challenges of his eye injury, he admitted to being unsure about the recovery process. The burning sensation and excessive watering of his eye persisted throughout the weekend, making it difficult for him to fully open his eye. While Hawk remained optimistic, he acknowledged that the recovery might present unexpected obstacles. The uncertainty surrounding the healing process added an element of unpredictability to his situation.

Effects on Daily Life

AJ Hawk flashes brutal eye injury while hosting Pat McAfee Show

The impact of the injury extended beyond physical discomfort for A.J. Hawk. At his child’s flag football game, other parents expressed concern that Hawk’s competitive nature might be fueled by his eye injury. Additionally, Hawk shared a humorous anecdote about his doctor’s inquiry regarding his need to be seen in public on Monday, to which Hawk amusingly responded in the affirmative. Despite the challenges, Hawk’s positive attitude and ability to find humor in the situation demonstrated his resilience in the face of adversity.

A.J. Hawk, cohost of The Pat McAfee Show, recently suffered from extreme eye pain after his son accidentally scratched him. Hawk discovered that a third of his cornea was scratched off and had to wear an eye patch. Despite the discomfort, Hawk maintained his sense of humor and joked about the situation. He hopes for a quick recovery and expressed gratitude that the incident wasn’t more serious.

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