Who is Kimberly Coates? Video of Oklahoma teacher drunk at work sparks outrage online

Who is Kimberly Coates? Video of Oklahoma teacher drunk at work sparks outrage online

The Controversial Case of Kimberly Coates: Accused of Being Drunk at School

A video capturing the behavior of Kimberly Coates, an Oklahoma teacher, has recently sparked outrage online. In the footage, Coates is accused of being under the influence of alcohol while on duty at Perkins-Tryon Elementary School. The incident occurred on the inaugural day of the academic year, and the police have released the body camera footage for public viewing.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

As the body camera footage begins, Superintendent Doug Ogle, a fellow faculty member, and a law enforcement official can be seen interrogating Kimberly Coates in a designated area. They express their concerns about her behavior and ask if she has taken any medication or has a prescription for what she may have taken.

Coates explains that she takes medication for anxiety and had taken some the previous night to help her sleep. She believes this may have contributed to her unusual demeanor. However, her employer, who appears worried, suspects that alcohol may be involved, and questions her about consuming alcoholic beverages on school premises.

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A Breathalyzer Test Reveals the Truth

Initially denying the allegations, Coates insists that she had consumed alcohol until 3 a.m. the previous night. To determine the truth, Coates agrees to undergo a breathalyzer test, which registers a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .24 – three times the legal driving limit.

Confronted with the results, Coates finally admits that she had indeed consumed a drink while on her way to work. Her employer further adds to the evidence by presenting a blue cup that was found in her classroom, emitting a strong smell of alcohol. With mounting evidence against her, Coates becomes visibly agitated and is subsequently apprehended.

The Consequences of Coates’ Actions

Following the incident, Kimberly Coates was transported to Payne County Jail and later released. However, the consequences of her actions are far-reaching. The video of her behavior has gone viral, attracting fierce criticism and sparking a national conversation about the responsibilities of teachers and the impact of their actions on students.

The incident raises questions about the importance of professionalism and accountability in the education system. Teachers are entrusted with the well-being and education of their students, and their actions should reflect this responsibility at all times. Engaging in behavior that compromises the safety and integrity of the educational environment is not only unprofessional but also potentially harmful to the students in their care.

The Importance of Maintaining Professionalism

As educators, teachers play a vital role in shaping the minds and futures of young individuals. They serve as role models and sources of inspiration, influencing the academic, emotional, and social development of their students. Therefore, it is crucial that teachers uphold the highest standards of professionalism and conduct themselves in a manner befitting their influential position.

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Instances like Kimberly Coates’ case serve as stark reminders of the consequences that can arise when professionalism is compromised. Such incidents not only undermine the trust and confidence that students, parents, and the community have in the education system but also damage the reputation of the teaching profession as a whole.

Addressing the Issue: Taking Action

When cases like Kimberly Coates’ come to light, it is essential for educational institutions to take swift and decisive action to address the situation. Such actions may include conducting thorough investigations, providing support for affected students, and implementing measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Moreover, it is imperative for schools to prioritize the well-being and safety of their students by actively promoting a positive and nurturing educational environment. This can be achieved through ongoing professional development opportunities for teachers, creating open lines of communication between faculty and administration, and fostering a culture of accountability and respect.


1. What were the consequences for Kimberly Coates?

Kimberly Coates was transported to Payne County Jail following the incident and was later released.

2. How did Kimberly Coates explain her behavior?

Kimberly Coates claimed that her unusual behavior was due to the medication she takes for anxiety.

3. What evidence was presented against Kimberly Coates?

A blue cup found in Coates’ classroom, emitting a strong smell of alcohol, was presented as evidence against her.

4. What consequences can arise when professionalism is compromised?

Compromising professionalism can lead to a loss of trust in the education system, damage the reputation of the teaching profession, and potentially harm students’ well-being.

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5. How can schools address similar incidents?

Schools can address similar incidents by conducting thorough investigations, providing support

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