Who is Kalani Faagata Fiance? 90 Day Fiance Star Kalani Faagata Fiance

Who is Kalani Faagata Fiance? 90 Day Fiance Star Kalani Faagata Fiance . Let’s find out more here: cupstograms.net. Discover the intriguing details about Kalani Faagata and her romantic relationship that has captivated the public’s attention.

About Kalani Faagata

90 Day Fiancé- Kalani Reveals "Hall Pass" Boyfriend Dallas In Instagram  Photo

Kalani Faagata is a well-known reality TV star who has gained popularity through her appearances on the hit program “90 Day Fiancé.” She has captivated the attention of the public, who are eager to learn more about her life and career. In this article, we will delve into the details of Kalani Faagata’s journey, providing you with an insightful glimpse into her world.

Notoriety from “90 Day Fiancé”

Kalani Faagata rose to fame through her participation in the reality TV series “90 Day Fiancé.” Her compelling story and turbulent relationship with her estranged husband, Asuelu Pulaa, captivated viewers around the world. Throughout her time on the show, Kalani faced numerous challenges and obstacles, which made her a relatable and intriguing figure. Her journey on “90 Day Fiancé” showcased her resilience and determination to overcome the difficulties in her personal life.

Relationship with Asuelu Pulaa

One of the most significant aspects of Kalani Faagata’s life is her relationship with Asuelu Pulaa. Their love story played out on the screens, captivating the hearts of viewers. However, their marriage faced its fair share of struggles, leading to their decision to participate in the spinoff show, “90 Day: The Last Resort.” It was during this time that Kalani pursued a romantic relationship with Dallas Nuez, using a “hall pass” provided by Asuelu. Unfortunately, this ultimately led to the breakdown of her marriage with Asuelu. Despite the challenges she faced, Kalani’s journey serves as a testament to the complexities of love and the strength it takes to navigate through difficult times.

Kalani Faagata’s Fiancé

Dallas Nuez: Not Engaged

Kalani Faagata’s romantic involvement with Dallas Nuez has been a topic of interest among fans. However, it is important to clarify that they are not currently engaged. Dallas Nuez, a security guard, made their relationship public during an Instagram Q&A session. While their love story has been captivating, it is essential to note that they have not taken the step of getting engaged. Despite this, their connection and the happiness they share together are evident.

Details about Dallas Nuez

Dallas Nuez, the new love interest of Kalani Faagata, has become a prominent figure in her life. Although he is not a part of the reality TV series “90 Day Fiancé,” Dallas has garnered attention through his relationship with Kalani. While he works as a security guard, Dallas has shown his unwavering support and affection for Kalani, expressing his happiness with her publicly. Their relationship blossomed during the filming of “90 Day: The Last Resort,” where Kalani used a “hall pass” provided by her former husband, Asuelu Pulaa. Despite not being engaged, Dallas Nuez holds a significant place in Kalani’s life, and their journey together continues to unfold.

Kalani Faagata’s Current Relationship

90 Day Fiance': Kalani on California Move Amid Asuelu Split Rumors

Love for Dallas Nuez

Kalani Faagata’s heart has found solace in the arms of Dallas Nuez, her current romantic partner. Their love story has captured the attention of fans, who are eager to learn more about their relationship. Despite not being engaged, the bond between Kalani and Dallas is undeniable. They share a deep connection and have been open about their affection for each other. Through social media, Dallas has expressed his happiness with Kalani, emphasizing the joy she brings into his life. Their love continues to grow, and their journey together is filled with promise and excitement.

Connection with Asuelu Pulaa

Kalani Faagata’s relationship with her former husband, Asuelu Pulaa, played a significant role in her life. Their journey was documented on the reality TV series “90 Day Fiancé,” where they faced numerous challenges and obstacles. However, as their marriage encountered difficulties, Kalani made the difficult decision to explore a romantic relationship with Dallas Nuez. This choice ultimately led to the end of her marriage with Asuelu. While their connection may have ended, the impact of their relationship on Kalani’s life cannot be overlooked. It was through the trials and tribulations with Asuelu that Kalani discovered her own strength and resilience. As she embarks on a new chapter with Dallas, she carries the lessons learned from her past, shaping her present and future with a newfound sense of clarity and determination.


In conclusion, Kalani Faagata’s journey has been filled with ups and downs, capturing the attention of fans around the world. From her rise to fame on “90 Day Fiancé” to her current relationship with Dallas Nuez, Kalani’s story is one of resilience, growth, and the pursuit of happiness. While her relationship with Asuelu Pulaa faced its fair share of challenges, it was through these experiences that Kalani discovered her own strength and the importance of following her heart. Now, with Dallas by her side, Kalani is embracing a new chapter in her life, filled with love, joy, and the promise of a brighter future. As fans continue to follow her journey, it is clear that Kalani Faagata’s story is far from over, and we can expect even more captivating moments to come.

Curious about Kalani Faagata and her fiancé? We’ve got you covered! Kalani Faagata gained fame through her appearances on “90 Day Fiancé,” and her relationship with her estranged husband, Asuelu Pulaa, has been a topic of interest. However, it’s her new love interest, Dallas Nuez, that has caught the public’s attention. While they are not engaged, Dallas has publicly expressed his happiness with Kalani. Despite their celebrity status, Dallas has no plans to appear on “90 Day Fiancé.” Stay tuned for more updates on this reality TV star’s romantic journey. Thank you for joining us on this exciting ride!

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