What happened to Welven Da Great aka Deez Nuts guy? Unresponsive video sparks concern

What happened to Welven Da Great aka Deez Nuts guy? Unresponsive video sparks concern

What Happened to Deez Nuts Guy?

In August 2023, a viral video left many fans concerned about the health of Deez Nuts Guy. In the video, the musician and social media sensation, known as Welven Da Great, could be seen lying unresponsive on the floor. Popular media outlet Raphouse TV shared the video on their social media accounts, showing Welven Da Great lying down on the streets of Los Angeles. Several people were seen crowded around him, with many fearing that he was dead.

Speculations arose about what exactly happened to him, with many suggesting that he might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, there has been no official statement yet from his camp or any close associate about what happened to him. This lack of information has left many concerned fans worried about his current condition.

Further reports indicate that after people found him unresponsive, he was taken to the hospital. Those who found him quickly called the paramedics who arrived at the scene and provided him with medical attention.

Who is Deez Nuts Guy?

Deez Nuts Guy, also known as Welven Da Great or Welven Harris, is a renowned American musician and social media sensation. He gained popularity for sharing short improv videos on the now-defunct app Vine. Born on May 31, 1988, in Long Beach, California, Welven had a difficult upbringing. He shared that he was bullied by his peers due to his disability, but this didn’t deter him from chasing his dreams.

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Interestingly, the same disability that people mocked him for became the catalyst for his online success. Welven went viral and gained widespread recognition on social media platforms. He now has over 117K followers on his official Instagram account and has been making club appearances across the United States. He has established a brand for himself and has formed connections with high-profile celebrities like DJ Khaled, Dan Bilzerian, and Amber Rose.

Was Deez Nuts Guy involved in any controversies?

Throughout his rise to fame, Deez Nuts Guy has managed to stay out of major controversies. While he gained attention from his Vine videos, which often featured humorous and unexpected moments, he has mostly focused on entertaining his fans and spreading positivity through his content.

There have been no significant scandals or negative incidents associated with his name. Welven Da Great has been able to maintain a positive image and continues to engage with his fans and followers on social media platforms.

What is Deez Nuts Guy doing now?

Currently, Deez Nuts Guy remains active on social media, regularly posting updates and interacting with his fans. He continues to share entertaining and funny content, showcasing his unique personality and sense of humor.

In addition to his online presence, Welven Da Great has been making club appearances and establishing connections with influential personalities in the entertainment industry. He has managed to leverage his fame to secure opportunities and expand his brand.

What is the future of Deez Nuts Guy’s career?

The future of Deez Nuts Guy’s career is uncertain, as it largely depends on his personal aspirations and endeavors. While he may continue to create content and engage with his online community, he may also explore other opportunities in the entertainment industry.

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Given his ability to connect with high-profile celebrities and entertain large audiences, it’s possible that Welven Da Great may venture into music, acting, or other forms of entertainment. However, only time will tell what path he chooses to pursue.

Why did Deez Nuts Guy go viral?

Deez Nuts Guy went viral due to the humorous and unexpected nature of his Vine videos. His short improv clips, often featuring catchy phrases and comical scenarios, resonated with online audiences. The element of surprise and his infectious energy captured the attention of viewers, leading to the rapid spread of his content.

Additionally, Welven Da Great’s unique personality and resilience in the face of past adversity resonated with many people. His story of overcoming bullying and using his disability as a platform for success inspired and touched the hearts of his followers.


Despite the recent concerns about his health, Deez Nuts Guy, also known as Welven Da Great, continues to be a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. His journey from a challenging upbringing to online fame serves as an inspiration to many, and his ability to maintain a positive image has earned him a dedicated fanbase. As he moves forward in his career, it will be interesting to see the new heights he reaches and the impact he continues to make on social media and beyond.


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