What happened to Welven Da Great aka Deez Nuts guy? Unresponsive video sparks concern

What happened to Welven Da Great aka Deez Nuts guy? Unresponsive video sparks concern

What Happened to Welven Da Great?

In August 2023, a video of Welven Da Great, famously known as the Deez Nuts Guy, surfaced online, causing concern among his fans. The video showed him lying unresponsive on the streets of Los Angeles. Various individuals gathered around him, with many fearing the worst – that he was dead. Speculation arose that he may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but no official statement has been released regarding the incident. Worried fans continue to wonder about his current condition.

Who is Welven Da Great?

Welven Da Great, whose real name is Welven Harris, is a well-known American musician and social media sensation. He gained popularity by sharing short improv videos on the now-defunct app Vine. Despite facing challenges in his childhood, including bullying due to his disability, Welven persevered and pursued his dreams. Ironically, it was the same disability that people once mocked him for that propelled him to online fame. Today, he has a substantial following on social media, with over 117K followers on Instagram. He has also made appearances at clubs throughout the United States, establishing a brand for himself and rubbing shoulders with high-profile personalities such as DJ Khaled, Dan Bilzerian, and Amber Rose.

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The Concerning Video

The video that caught the attention of Welven Da Great’s fans depicted him lying on the ground unresponsive. Raphouse TV, a prominent media outlet, shared the footage on their social media accounts, sparking worry and speculation. The sight of Welven in such a state led many to question what had happened to him. Concerned bystanders quickly called paramedics, resulting in his eventual hospitalization. However, the exact cause of his unresponsiveness remains unknown.

Speculation and Rumors

With no official statement regarding Welven Da Great’s condition, speculation and rumors have emerged. Some speculate that he may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, while others believe it could be a result of an unrelated health issue. However, until there is verified information from his camp or close associates, it is essential to avoid jumping to conclusions. It is crucial to respect Welven’s privacy during this uncertain time.

The Impact of Welven Da Great’s Disability

Throughout his life, Welven Da Great has faced numerous challenges due to his disability. Growing up, he experienced bullying from his peers, which made his childhood difficult. However, he did not let these obstacles hinder him from pursuing his dreams. In a twist of fate, it was his disability that played a pivotal role in his rise to fame on social media. Welven’s story serves as a reminder that one’s limitations should never define them, and success can often arise from unexpected circumstances.

The Rise to Social Media Fame

Welven Da Great’s journey from a bullied child to a social media sensation is a testament to his resilience and determination. He captured the attention of millions with his short improv videos on Vine, where his catchphrase “Deez Nuts” became widely popular. His infectious personality and sense of humor resonated with audiences, catapulting him into the spotlight. Today, Welven continues to engage with his fans on various social media platforms, sharing moments from his daily life and establishing a significant following of loyal supporters.

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Welven Da Great’s Influence

Welven Da Great’s impact extends beyond social media. His popularity has granted him the opportunity to make club appearances throughout the United States, where he engages with fans and showcases his vibrant personality. Additionally, Welven has formed connections with high-profile personalities in the entertainment industry, further expanding his reach and influence. His journey serves as inspiration for individuals facing adversity, reminding them that their unique qualities can lead to unexpected opportunities.


Welven Da Great’s recent unresponsiveness has left his fans concerned and searching for answers. As the video circulated online, speculation arose regarding the cause of his condition. However, it is important to wait for official statements or updates from his camp or close associates before jumping to conclusions. Welven’s journey from being bullied for his disability to becoming a social media sensation showcases his resilience and the power of embracing one’s unique qualities. Let us hope for a positive outcome for Welven Da Great, and in the meantime, let us continue to support and uplift him.


Q: Is Welven Da Great’s real name Deez Nuts Guy?

A: No, Welven Da Great’s real name is Welven Harris, but he is widely known by his online persona, the Deez Nuts Guy.

Q: How did Welven Da Great become famous?


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