Watch the Viral Full Video of Angie Smith’s Heart-Stopping Accident

Get ready to witness the shocking Angie Smith accident video that has taken the internet by storm. In this viral footage, you’ll see the heart-stopping moment when an unfortunate incident unfolds before your eyes. Brace yourself for the full video that has everyone talking.

Angie Smith Accident Video: When and Where Did It Happen?

The incident captured in the Angie Smith accident video occurred at the World Wide Technology Raceway near St. Louis during the 12th annual NHRA Midwest Nationals. The date of the incident has not been specified, but it took place during this highly anticipated event.


  • World Wide Technology Raceway
  • Near St. Louis


  • During the 12th annual NHRA Midwest Nationals
  • Date not specified.

The circumstances surrounding Angie Smith’s accident were intense and unexpected. While on one of her runs on the track, Angie was pushing her limits as her motorcycle blazed down the racetrack at an astonishing speed of 198 mph. However, she came off her motorcycle in a shocking turn of events.

The suddenness of the incident added an element of shock to the event, leaving both fans and fellow racers concerned for Angie’s well-being.

Circumstances Surrounding Angie Smith’s Accident Revealed

The incident that unfolded during one of Angie Smith’s runs at the NHRA Midwest Nationals left everyone in awe. The “Angie Smith Accident Video” captured this dramatic moment as her motorcycle blazed down the racetrack at an astonishing speed before she came off it unexpectedly.

Despite taking all necessary precautions, accidents can still happen in professional racing, showcasing just how dangerous this sport can be. The accident serves as a reminder of the risks inherent in high-speed racing and highlights the importance of safety protocols.

The suddenness and intensity of Angie Smith’s accident exemplify why safety measures are crucially important in motorsports, and the NHRA safety team’s quick response demonstrated their commitment to racer welfare.

Immediate Response and Care:

  • NHRA safety team sprang into action as soon as the incident occurred.
  • Their expertise and readiness were on full display as they rushed to Angie Smith’s aid.
  • The safety team ensured that Angie received immediate attention and care.

NHRA Safety Team’s Response to Angie Smith’s Accident

The NHRA safety team displayed remarkable professionalism and effectiveness in response to Angie Smith’s accident. As soon as the incident occurred, they sprang into action with swift precision.

Their training and readiness were on full display as they arrived at the scene promptly, ensuring that Angie received immediate attention and care. This level of preparedness is essential in high-speed racing incidents where every second counts.

The prompt response from the NHRA safety team highlights their dedication to the well-being of racers like Angie Smith and emphasizes why safety protocols are a vital aspect of professional racing events.

Injuries Sustained by Angie Smith in the Crash

Angie Smith endured significant injuries as a result of her high-speed crash captured in the “Angie Smith NHRA video.” The severity of the accident is evident from the injuries she sustained during the incident.

According to an update from Sadie Glenn, who manages social media for Angie Smith’s team, she suffered two broken feet. This indicates just how hard impact was when she came off her motorcycle at such a high speed. In addition to broken feet, she also experienced severe road rash, further highlighting the physical toll this crash had on her.

These injuries serve as a reminder that participating in professional racing comes with inherent risks, and even the most experienced athletes can face challenging and potentially life-altering circumstances on the track.

Sadie Glenn Provides Update on Angie Smith’s Condition

Sadie Glenn, the social media manager for Angie Smith’s team, recently shared an update on Angie’s condition following the high-speed crash captured in the “Angie Smith NHRA video.” In a heartfelt post on social media channels, Sadie provided concerned fans and the racing community with insight into Angie’s status. It was revealed that Angie has sustained significant injuries as a result of the accident, including two broken feet and severe road rash. These injuries highlight the physical toll that professional racing can take on athletes like Angie. As part of her recovery process, she is scheduled to meet with a skin graft surgeon to address the road rash and ensure proper treatment. The commitment to Angie’s recovery is evident in taking proactive measures to consult with a specialist.

List of Injuries:

– Two broken feet
– Severe road rash

Upcoming Medical Appointment:

– Meeting with a skin graft surgeon for treatment and care.

Upcoming Meeting Scheduled for Angie Smith

As part of her recovery process, an upcoming meeting has been scheduled for Angie Smith. Following her high-speed crash at the NHRA Midwest Nationals, it is essential for Angie to consult with a skin graft surgeon. This meeting will focus on addressing her injuries, including severe road rash, sustained during the incident. Through this appointment, she will receive specialized care and guidance in her journey towards healing and recovery.

Purpose of the Meeting:

– Addressing injuries sustained during the high-speed crash
– Focusing on treating severe road rash

Reason Behind Angie Smith Competing on a Black Matt Smith Racing Bike Revealed

Reason Behind Angie Smith Competing on a Black Matt Smith Racing Bike Revealed
The “Angie Smith crash video” captured not only the intensity of the race but also shed light on an interesting decision made by Angie and her team regarding her choice of motorcycle. Instead of using her usual pink Denso Buell, Angie opted to compete on a black Matt Smith Racing bike. This decision was made strategically with the aim of maximizing her chances for victory at the NHRA Midwest Nationals.

Strategic Decision:

– Competing on a black Matt Smith Racing bike instead of her usual pink Denso Buell
– Aimed at maximizing chances for victory

Team’s Response to the Incident:

After the accident captured in the “Angie Smith crash video,” Angie’s husband, Matt Smith, along with teammates Jianna Evaristo and Joey Gladstone, made a collective decision. They chose to skip their qualifying attempts and returned to the pits. This gesture showcases the solidarity and support within the racing community as teammates rally together during challenging times.

List of Teammates:

– Matt Smith (Angie’s husband)
– Jianna Evaristo
– Joey Gladstone

In conclusion, the viral video showing Angie Smith’s accident serves as a reminder of the importance of road safety. It highlights the potential dangers and consequences of reckless driving. This incident should prompt individuals to exercise caution and adhere to traffic regulations, ensuring the well-being of both themselves and others on the road.

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