Manipur viral video twitter paraded original controversy sparks online

Manipur viral video twitter paraded original controversy sparks online

Netizens Seek Original Link of Manipur Video

Recently, a shocking incident in Manipur has gained widespread attention as videos of two women being paraded and sexually assaulted went viral on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Now, people are looking for the original link to the Manipur video to get more information about this disturbing event. In this article, we will provide details of the incident and shed light on the ongoing search for the video online.

Demand for Punishment

Political figures have expressed their outrage over the Manipur video, calling for strict punishment for those responsible. The central government has condemned the act and vowed to take severe action against Twitter for allowing the dissemination of such despicable content. The incident, which occurred on May 4, 2023, has deeply affected the dignity of India and brought shame to the nation.

The Tragedy in B Phainom

The incident took place in the village of B Phainom, located in the Kangpokpi district of Manipur. The clashes between two communities, the Meiteis and Kukis, have been ongoing due to the Meiteis’ demand to be included in the ST (Scheduled Tribe) class. As per eyewitness accounts, a group of villagers encountered a gang while seeking refuge in a nearby forest.

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Unimaginable Atrocity

According to reports, three women from the group were forced to strip and walk in public while being surrounded by a group of men. Tragically, one of the women’s brothers was killed on the spot when he spoke up against this heinous act. To make matters worse, the perpetrators recorded the entire incident and uploaded the Manipur video online. Before the Manipur government banned internet access in the state, millions of people had already viewed and downloaded the video.

Quest for Justice

People are growing increasingly impatient for the identities of the offenders to be revealed and for the Manipur viral video to be spread further, hoping it will lead to their capture. Unfortunately, the perpetrators continue to evade justice while the traumatized victims await resolution.

Political Condemnation

High-ranking political figures, including Prime Minister Modi, have strongly condemned the Manipur Paraded viral video. Prime Minister Modi acknowledged that the incident has brought disgrace to the entire country and assured that those responsible will not go unpunished. He urged all the chief ministers across the states to enforce law and order, emphasizing that severe punishment awaits wrongdoers.

Despite the incident occurring over two months ago, the Manipur police have yet to take any action against the offenders. This delay in justice has only intensified public outrage and demands for swift and decisive measures against the culprits.


The Manipur video incident has shocked the nation and triggered widespread condemnation. As the search for the original link to the viral video continues, it is crucial for authorities to act swiftly and bring the perpetrators to justice. The entire country is looking to the legal system to deliver a strong message against such abhorrent acts, ensuring that those responsible face the consequences of their actions.

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Q: Has anyone been arrested in connection with the Manipur video incident?

A: As of now, no arrests have been made in connection with the incident. The investigation is ongoing, and the authorities are working diligently to apprehend the culprits.

Q: How did the Manipur video go viral?

A: After the incident, the perpetrators themselves uploaded the video online. It quickly spread on social media platforms, with millions of people viewing and sharing it before a ban on internet access in Manipur was implemented.

Q: What measures are being taken to prevent such incidents in the future?

A: The government and law enforcement agencies are planning to enhance security measures in Manipur to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. Additionally, awareness campaigns and educational programs are being conducted to promote respect and gender equality.

Q: Are the victims receiving any support and counseling?

A: Yes, the victims of the Manipur video incident are receiving support from various organizations, including counseling services to help them cope with the trauma they have experienced.

Q: How has the Manipur video incident affected public discourse on

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