WATCH: Cyan Boujee Leaked Video Scandal, Prince Kaybee Accuses Of Leaking Her Video Tape

WATCH: Cyan Boujee Leaked Video Scandal, Prince Kaybee Accuses Of Leaking Her Video Tape

Cyan Boujee: The Captivating Journey of a YouTube Star

Cyan Boujee is a well-known YouTuber who has gained popularity for her captivating and engaging video content. Her journey in the world of YouTube began in 2019 when she released her first video in December of that year. Initially focusing on makeup and fashion-related topics, Cyan Boujee eventually expanded her content to provide her fans with glimpses into her personal life.

Expanding Influence on TikTok

In addition to her YouTube channel, Cyan Boujee has also gained a substantial following on TikTok. With an impressive 12.4 million likes, she has managed to capture the attention of a wide audience on the popular social media platform.

A Brand Influencer

Over the past five years, Cyan Boujee has established herself as a brand influencer. She has endorsed various products and collaborated with different brands, showcasing her influence and impact in the online community.

Supporting a Cause: The Reaching Out Foundation

Aside from her online presence, Cyan Boujee also takes part in charity work. She actively supports the Reaching Out Foundation, a cause she promotes on her new Instagram account. Through her charitable efforts, she aims to raise funds to assist less fortunate individuals in her country.

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It’s worth mentioning that there is mention of a “Cyan Boujee leaked video” in the content provided. However, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there is no reliable information regarding any such leaked video involving Cyan Boujee. It’s important to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of any claims or rumors before considering them as factual information.

The Controversial Allegation: Cyan Boujee Leaked Video?

Recently, there has been talk and speculation about a supposed leaked video involving Cyan Boujee. Netizens have been intrigued by the controversy surrounding this alleged video. However, it’s crucial to approach such claims with skepticism and verify the information before drawing any conclusions.

The Social Media Buzz

Rumors started circulating on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, after a video purportedly featuring Cyan Boujee went viral on social media. The contentious internet personality took to Twitter to address the commotion, while Prince Kaybee, a well-known musician, remained silent about the situation.

Accusations and Speculation

According to an unverified screenshot that circulated on Twitter, a post on Cyan Boujee’s Instagram story accused Prince Kaybee of being involved in the leak. The screenshot, showing a green icon in the top-left corner, suggests that the video was shared with Cyan’s close friends list, implicating someone close to her. The internet went into a frenzy, with users searching for evidence linking Prince Kaybee to the leaked video.

It’s important to note that at this time, there is no concrete evidence or official statements regarding the alleged involvement of Prince Kaybee in the leaked video. These allegations should be treated with caution and skepticism until more information is available.

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Reactions and Discussions

Following the claims made by Cyan Boujee, social media users eagerly awaited Prince Kaybee’s response. The controversy surrounding the alleged leaked video quickly propelled both “Cyan” and “Prince Kaybee” to the top of the local trends on Twitter. However, it’s important to remember that social media trends and discussions can sometimes be fueled by speculation and misinformation.

It’s crucial to approach such situations with sensitivity and respect the privacy and well-being of the individuals involved. Speculation and assumptions can be harmful, and it’s important to wait for verified information before drawing conclusions.

Cyan Boujee’s Personal Life and Relationships

Outside of the alleged leaked video controversy, Cyan Boujee has had her fair share of personal experiences and relationships. Before her current relationship, she was involved with DJ Maphorisa and had a previous romantic connection with Beverly Tihako, which caused some conflict. Currently, she is in a relationship with Bamzy Riches, and they have faced their own challenges.

Following a publicized argument, it was revealed that Bamzy Riches had unprotected sexual contact with Cyan Boujee, resulting in a pregnancy. Unfortunately, she experienced a miscarriage, which impacted her ability to have children with Bamzy Riches.


Cyan Boujee is a YouTube star who has captivated audiences with her engaging video content. From her humble beginnings in 2019, she has expanded her influence to TikTok and established herself as a brand influencer. Beyond her online presence, Cyan Boujee also actively supports charitable causes, such as the Reaching Out Foundation.

While there has been discussion about a leaked video involving Cyan Boujee, it’s important to approach these claims with caution and verify the information. Speculation and rumors can spread quickly on social media, but it’s crucial to prioritize verified facts and respect the privacy of those involved.

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1. Is there any evidence of the alleged leaked video involving Cyan Boujee?

2. What is Cyan Boujee’s main focus on her YouTube channel?

3. How did Cyan Boujee become a brand influencer?

4. What is the Reaching Out Foundation that Cyan Boujee supports?

5. Is there any official statement from Prince Kaybee regarding the allegations?

In conclusion, Cyan Boujee’s journey as a YouTube star has been marked by captivating content and a growing influence on social media platforms. While rumors and controversies may arise, it’s important to prioritize verified information and approach sensitive topics with caution. Cyan Boujee continues to engage her audience through her videos and supports charitable causes, making a positive impact in her online community.

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