Viral video: Men set up ‘meal on wheel’ restaurant in Mumbai local train, users hail idea

Viral video: Men set up ‘meal on wheel’ restaurant in Mumbai local train, users hail idea.Experience a unique dining adventure on Mumbai’s local trains! Let’s find out more here:

Imagine enjoying a delicious meal while traveling on one of Mumbai’s bustling local trains. Two innovative individuals, Aryan Kataria and Sarthak Sachdeva, have set up a makeshift restaurant on these trains, offering passengers a delightful culinary experience. Their videos showcasing this extraordinary concept have gone viral on social media, attracting a flurry of reactions from online users. In their Instagram posts, Aryan and Sarthak share the behind-the-scenes preparations and invite customers to their “Tasty Ticket” restaurant, where they serve mouthwatering dishes like Maggie with ketchup and jalebi with oregano. With over 99,000 likes and numerous comments, this unique dining experience is capturing the attention of food enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Viral Video: Meal on the Wheel in Mumbai Local Trains

Experience the unique and delightful concept of enjoying a meal on the go in Mumbai’s bustling local trains. This viral video showcases the heartwarming initiative of two individuals who have set up a makeshift restaurant right inside the train compartments. Their innovative idea has captured the attention of social media users, sparking a wave of excitement and curiosity.


Mumbai, known as the city that never sleeps, is home to one of the busiest local train networks in the country. These trains are often referred to as the lifeline of the city, connecting millions of people every day. While food options are available on most platforms, the idea of having a meal on the wheel adds a touch of novelty and charm to the commuting experience.

Setting up a Makeshift Restaurant on Trains

Viral video: Men set up 'meal on wheel' restaurant in Mumbai local train, users  hail idea | Trending News – India TV

Imagine stepping into a train compartment and being greeted by the aroma of delicious food. Aryan Kataria and Sarthak Sachdeva have turned this imagination into reality by transforming a train compartment into a makeshift restaurant. With a small folding table covered in an elegant cloth, they create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for passengers to enjoy their meals.

Preparations and Invitations

Bringing their vision to life required meticulous planning and preparations. Aryan and Sarthak share their journey in the viral video, shedding light on the behind-the-scenes efforts. From sourcing the finest ingredients to ensuring the comfort of their guests, every detail was carefully considered. They even extended invitations to the public, inviting everyone to experience the unique dining experience aboard the “Tasty Ticket” train.

Tasty Ticket Opening Details

The anticipation builds as the video reveals the date, time, and location of the grand opening of the “Tasty Ticket” restaurant on wheels. This exciting event promises free meals for all customers, adding an extra incentive for passengers to embark on this culinary adventure. The video serves as a teaser, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the opening day.

Serving Maggie and Jalebi to Passengers

As the train sets off on its journey, Aryan and Sarthak transform into restaurant servers, ready to cater to the passengers’ taste buds. The video showcases their delectable offerings, including the beloved Indian comfort food, Maggie, served with a tangy ketchup twist. To add a touch of fusion, they also serve jalebi, a traditional Indian sweet, paired with a sprinkle of oregano. Passengers are treated to a delightful combination of flavors, making their train ride an unforgettable culinary experience.

User Reactions and Comments

The viral video of the “Meal on the Wheel” concept in Mumbai’s local trains has sparked a flurry of reactions and comments from social media users. People from all walks of life have expressed their thoughts and opinions on this unique dining experience, creating a buzz of excitement and intrigue.

Positive Comments and Likes

The overwhelming response to the video has been filled with positivity and appreciation. Users have flooded the comments section with words of praise and admiration for the individuals behind this innovative idea. With over 99,000 likes, it is evident that the concept has struck a chord with the online community. Many have commended the creativity and ingenuity displayed in bringing a restaurant-like experience to the confines of a train compartment.

Notable User Comments

Among the sea of comments, a few have stood out for their humor and enthusiasm. One user playfully remarked, “If the station to get off comes while eating, it would be a dilemma!” This lighthearted comment highlights the joy and excitement that this unique dining experience brings to passengers. Another user simply stated, “This is too good,” encapsulating the sentiment shared by many who were captivated by the video.

The comments section is a testament to the impact that this viral video has had on people, sparking conversations and leaving a lasting impression. It is clear that the “Meal on the Wheel” concept has resonated with individuals who appreciate the fusion of convenience and culinary delight.


Viral Video: Vloggers Set Up Table, Serve Food Inside Mumbai Local -  Internet Reacts

The viral video showcasing the “Meal on the Wheel” concept in Mumbai’s local trains has captured the attention and imagination of people worldwide. This unique and innovative idea of setting up a makeshift restaurant inside train compartments has garnered widespread praise and admiration. The positive user reactions and comments reflect the excitement and appreciation for this delightful dining experience.

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Two men in Mumbai have come up with an innovative idea of setting up a makeshift restaurant on local trains. The videos of their unique venture have gone viral on social media, garnering a lot of attention and reactions. Aryan Kataria and Sarthak Sachdeva shared their journey and preparations on Instagram, inviting people to their “Tasty Ticket” restaurant on the train. They served passengers with dishes like Maggie with ketchup and jalebi with oregano. The post received over 99,000 likes and positive comments from users. This creative concept is a delightful addition to the bustling city’s food scene.

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