Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews Resigns, Shaking Political Landscape in Shock Announcement

In a shocking turn of events, Daniel Andrews’ resignation has sent shockwaves throughout Victoria’s political landscape. A viral video capturing the moment has left residents and politicians alike in disbelief. Stay tuned as we delve into the implications of this unexpected development and its potential impact on Victoria’s future.

Why did Daniel Andrews decide to resign as Victorian Premier?

Why did Daniel Andrews decide to resign as Victorian Premier?

Daniel Andrews announced his resignation as Victorian Premier in a shock announcement. He cited the toll that the job had taken on him and his family as the main reason for stepping away. Andrews stated that being Premier requires giving 100% of oneself and that it consumes every waking moment. He acknowledged that he had become consumed by the job and that it was time to step away.

Andrews also mentioned that he is a “worse than a workaholic” and that he had spent every waking moment thinking about the challenges faced by the state of Victoria. However, he recognized the need to make a choice between continuing in a role that he may eventually resent or stepping aside to pursue other opportunities.

Overall, it seems that Daniel Andrews made the decision to resign in order to prioritize his well-being and spend more time with his family after dedicating himself fully to his role as Premier.

Reasons for resignation:

  • Toll on personal and family life
  • The job consuming every waking moment
  • Recognition of potential resentment towards the job

Challenges faced by Daniel Andrews:

  • Pandemic management
  • Longest lockdown in the world
  • Polarizing decisions and backlash

How did Victorians react to Daniel Andrews’ resignation?

How did Victorians react to Daniel Andrews

The reaction from Victorians regarding Daniel Andrews’ resignation has been divided. Some individuals expressed joy at the news, particularly those who were bitter about his polarizing decisions during his time in office. These individuals see his resignation as an opportunity for change in Australian politics.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that Andrews’ resignation is a loss for Australian politics. They view him as a leader of vision and ambition, and credit him with making tough decisions during difficult times, particularly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. These individuals believe that Andrews prioritized the safety and well-being of Victorians and commend his leadership.

The reaction to Daniel Andrews’ resignation reflects the polarizing nature of his time as Premier, with some applauding his departure while others express regret at the loss of his leadership.

Positive reactions:

  • Joy at the opportunity for change in politics
  • Bitterness towards Andrews’ polarizing decisions

Negative reactions:

  • Sadness at losing a leader of vision and ambition
  • Appreciation for tough decisions made during challenging times

What decisions will Daniel Andrews be remembered for during his time in office?

Daniel Andrews has made several significant decisions during his time as Victorian Premier which are likely to define his legacy. One decision that stands out is his management of the COVID-19 pandemic, including implementing one of the longest lockdowns in the world to control the spread of the virus. This decision garnered intense backlash but also resulted in praise from those who believed it was necessary to protect public health.

Andrews will also be remembered for his communication style, particularly through press conferences where he provided regular updates on COVID-19 developments. His North Face jacket became a symbol of case numbers stabilizing and provided reassurance to Victorians during uncertain times.

In addition, Andrews made a significant decision when he announced the cancellation of the Commonwealth Games due to cost concerns. This move sparked controversy but demonstrated his willingness to prioritize funding for essential services over hosting an expensive event.

Decisions made by Daniel Andrews:

  • Implemented one of the longest COVID-19 lockdowns
  • Mastery of press conferences and regular communication
  • Cancellation of the Commonwealth Games due to cost concerns

Did Daniel Andrews inform Prime Minister Anthony Albanese about his decision before making it public?

Did Daniel Andrews inform Prime Minister Anthony Albanese about his decision before making it public?

Daniel Andrews confirmed that he spoke with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese before making his decision to resign as Victorian Premier public. Andrews said that he called the Prime Minister, who has been a dear friend for nearly three decades, and informed him about his resignation plans. According to Andrews, Albanese was initially shocked but wished him well.

In this conversation, Andrews also expressed his gratitude to Albanese for being a prime minister who understands and supports Victoria. He thanked him for their partnership and acknowledged that Albanese knows where Victoria is and how to get things done.

Key points:

  • Daniel Andrews informed Prime Minister Anthony Albanese about his decision
  • Albanese was initially shocked but wished him well
  • Andrews thanked Albanese for their partnership and support for Victoria
  • How did Eddie Maguire reportedly let the news of Andrews’ resignation slip?

    How did Eddie Maguire reportedly let the news of Andrews

    There are reports that Eddie Maguire, a prominent Australian media personality, let slip that Daniel Andrews intended to resign at a luncheon. According to Sky News, Maguire allegedly told those in attendance at the event that Victoria would have a new premier by AFL Grand Final day, which was four days away from the time of reporting.

    This slip-up by Maguire may have revealed information about Andrew’s upcoming resignation before it became officially announced. It is unclear whether this was an intentional revelation or if Maguire inadvertently mentioned it during the event.


    • Eddie Maguire reportedly revealed Andrew’s resignation plans at a luncheon
    • Maguire’s statement implied that there would be a new premier before AFL Grand Final day
    • It is unclear if this was an intentional revelation or accidental slip-up

    Was there any significance to the video of Daniel Andrews smoking a cigarette before his announcement?

    A video emerged showing Daniel Andrews smoking a cigarette shortly before he announced his resignation, and this video may have been seen as a tell-tale sign that he had reached his breaking point. The video provided a rare glimpse into the Premier’s private life, as his public appearances are typically stage-managed and focused on official duties.

    The significance of this video lies in its candid nature. Smoking a cigarette can sometimes be seen as an act of stress relief or contemplation. The fact that the video captured Andrews engaging in this personal moment suggests that he may have been grappling with difficult decisions and contemplating his future in politics. While it is not possible to ascertain the exact meaning behind the video, it could be interpreted as an indicator of the emotional and mental toll that being Premier had taken on him.

    Key points:

    • The video showed Daniel Andrews smoking a cigarette shortly before his announcement
    • This candid moment may indicate stress or contemplation
    • Suggests emotional and mental toll of being Premier

    What are Daniel Andrews’ plans for the future after resigning as Premier?

    Daniel Andrews has not provided specific details about his future career plans after resigning as Victorian Premier. However, it is unlikely that he will need to find a new job immediately. As a result of his time in office, Andrews secured a 3.5% pay rise that increased his annual salary to $481,190. He also stands to benefit from a historic pension scheme for MPs elected before 2004, which could provide him with significant retirement benefits.

    Andrews mentioned that he is looking forward to spending more time with his family and playing golf. However, he acknowledged that the adjustment to post-Premier life will be challenging. It remains to be seen what specific endeavors Andrews will pursue in the future.

    Possible plans:

    • Spending more time with family
    • Playing golf
    • No immediate need for a new job due to financial security

    The viral video showcasing Daniel Andrews’ resignation has sent shockwaves through Victoria’s political landscape. With his departure, a significant shift is anticipated in the state’s governance. The impact of this event will likely shape the future of Victoria’s politics and policy-making.

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