Victoria Monét Honors 2000s Hip-Hop Style Icons With “On My Mama” Video

Victoria Monét Honors 2000s Hip-Hop Style Icons With “On My Mama” Video

The Y2K Fashion Revival in Victoria Monét’s “On My Mama” Music Video

With her unique blend of R&B, pop, and soul, Victoria Monét is quickly solidifying her place as a rising star in the music industry. Her upcoming project, “Jaguar II,” has been eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike, and its release on August 25th is highly awaited. To build excitement around the project, Monét recently premiered the music video for her single “On My Mama,” which has been met with overwhelming praise.
The music video is a visual feast that takes viewers on a trip down memory lane, evoking a sense of nostalgia for Black early-aughts and 2010s culture. The aesthetic is reminiscent of the Y2K era, with vibrant colors, bold fashion choices, and eye-catching visuals. Monét pays homage to iconic artists like Ciara and Mya, drawing inspiration from their legendary music videos and performances.
In “On My Mama,” Monét showcases not only her impeccable vocal talent but also her captivating stage presence. Her dance moves are reminiscent of the fierce and confident energy displayed by the artists she is paying tribute to. The video perfectly captures the essence of the song, which is about embracing independence, self-empowerment, and celebrating one’s heritage.
Victoria Monét’s dedication to creating not only exceptional music but also visually stunning experiences has undoubtedly set her apart from other emerging artists. As anticipation continues to build for “Jaguar II,” it’s clear that her unique style and artistic vision will continue to make waves in the music industry.

A Blast from the Past

In addition to the fashion and choreography, Victoria Monét’s “On My Mama” music video also showcases her undeniable talent as a performer. Her smooth vocals effortlessly glide over the catchy beat, demonstrating her versatility as an artist. The lyrics of the song reflect the confidence and self-assurance that have become synonymous with Monét’s music. It’s a bold anthem that celebrates self-love and empowerment, resonating with audiences of all backgrounds.
Furthermore, Victoria Monét’s rise to prominence in the music industry has been a long time coming. She has been honing her craft for years, working behind the scenes as a songwriter and collaborating with some of the biggest names in the business, including Ariana Grande and Khalid. With “Jaguar II,” Monét is finally stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist, showcasing her unique sound and artistic vision.
Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of “Jaguar II” and the music video for “On My Mama” has only heightened the excitement. Victoria Monét continues to prove herself as an innovative force in the industry, pushing boundaries and creating music that resonates with people from all walks of life. With her captivating visuals, infectious melodies, and empowering lyrics, it’s clear that Victoria Monét is on the path to becoming one of the industry’s brightest stars.

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Iconic Fashion Moments

The “On My Mama” music video is a vibrant celebration of Black early-aughts and 2010s culture, not only in terms of fashion but also in its visual aesthetic. The video takes viewers on a journey through the streets of a vibrant city, with neon lights illuminating the night sky and colorful graffiti adorning the walls. The energy of the video is infectious, with Victoria Monét and her backup dancers showcasing their incredible choreography skills. The dance moves are reminiscent of the era, combining elements of street dance and intricate footwork.
In addition to the fashion and dancing, the video also includes nods to iconic artists like Ciara. The singer effortlessly channels Ciara’s signature moves and showmanship, paying homage to the trailblazing artist’s impact on the industry. The overall result is a music video that not only showcases Victoria Monét’s talent but also celebrates the rich cultural history and influence of Black music and fashion. As the release date for “Jaguar II” approaches, fans eagerly anticipate what other surprises Victoria Monét has in store and how she will continue to push boundaries and make waves in the music industry.

A Journey Through Fashion Eras

In addition to the fashion, the “On My Mama” music video also highlights Victoria Monét’s incredible dance skills. The choreography, led by Sean Bankhead, perfectly complements the energetic and infectious beat of the song. The video features synchronized group dance sequences, intricate footwork, and impressive body isolations that pay homage to the iconic dance moves of the early 2000s. The dance scenes are filled with attitude and swagger, capturing the essence of the era and adding an extra layer of excitement to the visual experience.
The release of “Jaguar II” has been highly anticipated by fans and the music industry alike. Victoria Monét has been steadily building a strong reputation as a talented singer-songwriter, having written and collaborated with prominent artists such as Ariana Grande, Nas, and Brandy. Her distinctive sound, which blends elements of R&B, pop, and soul, sets her apart from her peers and showcases her unique artistic vision.
With the release of “On My Mama” and the upcoming “Jaguar II” project, Victoria Monét continues to solidify her place as a rising star in the music industry. Her ability to pay homage to past eras while still maintaining her own unique style and sound demonstrates her versatility and artistic growth. Fans eagerly await the release of “Jaguar II” as they anticipate what Victoria Monét has in store for them next.

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The Evolution of Victoria Monét’s Style

In addition to her fashion choices, Victoria Monét’s music has also been gaining significant attention. Her unique blend of R&B, pop, and hip-hop influences, combined with her soulful vocals, has garnered praise from critics and fans alike. Her previous projects, such as her EP “Jaguar” and collaborations with artists like Ariana Grande, have showcased her versatility as a songwriter and performer. With “Jaguar II” set to release on August 25th, fans are eagerly awaiting the new music and anticipating how Monét will continue to push the boundaries of her artistry. The release of the “On My Mama” music video is just a taste of what’s to come, as Monét continues to make waves in the music industry with her unique blend of fashion, style, and musical talent.


Victoria Monét is making waves in the music industry with her upcoming project, “Jaguar II,” set to release on August 25th. As part of the promotional campaign, she recently premiered the highly anticipated music video for her single “On My Mama.” The visual is a nostalgic tribute to Black early-aughts and 2010s culture, featuring peak Y2K fashion and paying homage to iconic artists like Ciara and Mya.
The “On My Mama” music video is a crash course in Black Y2K fashion, with renowned stylist Kollin Carter and choreographer Sean Bankhead creating a visually stunning journey through the era. From the costumes to the accessories, the video showcases iconic Y2K fashion trends that defined the early 2000s. Fitted baseball caps, Girbaud jeans, tall white tees, airbrushed T-shirts, long white socks paired with white Air Forces, untied du-rags worn under hats, jorts, and laced-up jersey dresses are just some of the nostalgic fashion choices featured.
But Monét’s fashion influence doesn’t stop at Y2K. Throughout her career, she has drawn inspiration from various fashion eras, seamlessly incorporating them into her music videos and personal style. In her previous works, she explored ’70s disco fashion, paying tribute to icons like Donna Summer and Diana Ross. She also embraced ’90s fashion, channeling the style of Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey with double denim, crocheted tops, and bandana headscarves.
Monét’s ability to effortlessly blend different fashion influences showcases her versatility and creativity as an artist. Her recent Instagram posts have also provided a glimpse into her ever-evolving style, featuring looks from renowned designers that highlight her fashion-forward approach. With each new project, Monét continues to push boundaries and make a statement with her fashion choices, ensuring that all eyes are on her not only for her music but also for her impeccable sense of style. As fans eagerly await the release of “Jaguar II,” it is clear that Monét’s fashion statements will play an integral role in shaping her artistic vision and further solidifying her impact in the industry.

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FAQ: What fashion trends were popular in the early 2000s?

Some popular fashion trends in the early 2000s included low-rise jeans, trucker hats, velour tracksuits, cargo pants, platform sandals, and babydoll dresses.

FAQ: Who are some other influential artists from the Y2K era?

Some other influential artists from the Y2K era include Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and Nelly.

FAQ: How does fashion influence music videos?

Fashion plays a significant role in music videos as it helps convey the artist’s image, establishes the mood and aesthetic of the video, and allows for creative storytelling through visual elements.

FAQ: What is the significance of Y2K fashion in pop culture?

Y2K fashion represents a distinctive era in pop culture characterized by bold and eclectic styles. It holds nostalgic value for many and continues to influence current fashion trends.

FAQ: What are some notable fashion eras that have influenced Victoria Monét’s style?

Victoria Monét has taken inspiration from various fashion eras, including the ’70s disco fashion, ’90s streetwear, and Y2K fashion. She seamlessly incorporates these influences into her personal style and music videos.


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