Video: Telangana’s ex-dy CM Rajaiah breaks down over denial of BRS ticket

Video: Telangana’s ex-dy CM Rajaiah breaks down over denial of BRS ticket

Former Telangana Deputy Chief Minister Denied Ticket for Assembly Elections

This decision by the BRS has sent shockwaves through the political landscape of Telangana. Rajaiah had been a loyal member of the party for many years and was considered a prominent figure in the region. His exclusion from the list of candidates for the upcoming elections has left many questioning the motives behind this surprising move.
Rajaiah’s supporters argue that his track record as a legislator and his commitment to public service should have secured him a ticket for re-election. They view this decision as a betrayal by the BRS leadership and have expressed their disappointment and frustration. Many have even threatened to boycott the party altogether in protest.
On the other hand, the party’s decision to field Kadiyam Srihari has been met with mixed reactions. While some see it as a strategic move to strengthen the party’s chances in the Assembly elections, others view it as a snub towards Rajaiah, who had been a loyal party member for many years.
As the election campaign heats up, it remains to be seen how this decision by the BRS will impact the party’s prospects and the overall political dynamics in Telangana.

A Heartfelt Display of Emotion

However, Rajaiah also hinted at a sense of betrayal, as he had been a loyal member of the party for many years and had worked tirelessly for the development of his constituency. He pointed out that he had single-handedly transformed Station Ghanpur into a model constituency, with improved infrastructure, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.
Rajaiah’s supporters were left shocked and dismayed by the party’s decision to deny him a ticket. Many argued that Rajaiah had proven himself as a strong and capable leader, and that his experience and dedication should have been rewarded. They expressed their disappointment with the party’s choice and questioned the criteria used in making such decisions.
As the news spread, social media was abuzz with discussions and debates about the party’s decision. Supporters of Rajaiah expressed their solidarity with him, while others debated the merits of the chosen candidate, Kadiyam Srihari.
The unexpected turn of events has left the political landscape in Telangana buzzing with excitement and speculation. Many are eagerly waiting to see how this decision will impact the upcoming elections and the political fortunes of the BRS.

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Despite his previous controversies, Rajaiah managed to regain the party’s trust and secure the party ticket for the Assembly elections in 2018. His denial of a ticket this time around has left many perplexed.
Meanwhile, the decision to field Kadiyam Srihari, a respected leader within the BRS, has sparked speculations about the party’s strategy for the upcoming elections. It is believed that the party wants to capitalize on Srihari’s popularity and experience to ensure a smooth victory in the Station Ghanpur constituency.
Rajaiah’s emotional breakdown and public display of loyalty to the party leadership indicate the level of disappointment he feels. It remains to be seen how his supporters and voters in the constituency will react to this unexpected decision. Will this turn of events affect the BRS’ chances in the upcoming elections, or will the party’s decision prove to be a strategic move in securing victory in the constituency? Only time will tell.

Allegations of Sexual Harassment

Telangana's ex-dy CM Rajaiah breaks down over denial of BRS ticket
Telangana’s ex-dy CM Rajaiah breaks down over denial of BRS ticket

The decision to deny Rajaiah a ticket has created a wave of speculation and controversy within the party. Many party members and supporters of Rajaiah believe that the decision was unfair and unjustified, considering his long-standing loyalty and contributions to the party. They argue that he should have been given a chance to defend himself against the allegations before being denied a ticket.
On the other hand, supporters of Kadiyam Srihari, who was chosen over Rajaiah, argue that Srihari is a more experienced and senior leader who deserves the opportunity to represent the constituency. They believe that Srihari’s track record and reputation make him the better choice to contest the upcoming election.
The denial of a ticket to Rajaiah has not only caused internal turmoil within the party but has also created a sense of uncertainty among the voters in Station Ghanpur. With the election just around the corner, it remains to be seen how this decision will impact the electoral prospects of the BRS in the constituency.

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The denial of a ticket to Rajaiah by the BRS created a wave of disappointment among his loyal supporters. They argued that Rajaiah’s experience and track record as a Deputy CM made him a strong candidate for re-election. On the other hand, supporters of Srihari defended the party’s decision, citing his seniority and long-standing commitment to the party. The clash between the two factions intensified as accusations and counter-accusations were exchanged, further dividing the party’s local base. As the election campaign gained momentum, Rajaiah focused on highlighting his achievements and contributions to the development of Station Ghanpur constituency, hoping to win the support of the voters. Meanwhile, Srihari, confident in his party’s decision, campaigned on his own merits and his plans for the constituency’s progress. The battle between the two prominent leaders within the party added an extra layer of intrigue to the already fiercely contested Assembly elections.

BRS Candidates for Assembly Seats

With only four seats remaining, the denial of a ticket to Rajaiah has left his supporters shocked and disappointed. Many of them believe that Rajaiah’s loyal service to the party should have been recognized and rewarded. They argue that his past experience as Deputy CM makes him well-equipped to serve the constituency effectively. Some even accuse the party leadership of favoritism and allege that the decision was influenced by personal rivalries.
The denial of a ticket to Rajaiah has also raised questions about the party’s commitment to addressing sensitive issues such as sexual harassment. Critics argue that by not taking swift and decisive action against Rajaiah, the party might be sending out a message that it is not taking such allegations seriously.
As the election campaign picks up pace, it remains to be seen how Rajaiah’s supporters will respond to this setback. Will they rally behind the party’s chosen candidate or will they split their votes, potentially harming the party’s chances in the constituency? Only time will tell.


Rajaiah’s journey in politics has been marked by both successes and controversies. He had served as the Deputy CM in Telangana but was later removed from the Cabinet amidst corruption allegations. Despite this setback, he made a comeback and won his constituency in the 2018 elections, showing his resilience and popularity among the people. However, the recent allegations of sexual harassment have further dented his reputation, leading to the denial of a party ticket.
The decision to not field Rajaiah as a candidate has caused a rift within the party, with his supporters feeling betrayed and disappointed. They argue that his experience and seniority make him a deserving candidate. On the other hand, supporters of Kadiyam Srihari, the chosen candidate, believe that his track record and leadership qualities make him the better choice.
As the Assembly elections draw near, this internal conflict within the party could have wider implications. It remains to be seen how Rajaiah and his supporters will respond to this setback and whether they will continue to actively support the BRS or explore other political options.

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FAQ:Telangana’s ex-dy CM Rajaiah breaks down over denial of BRS ticket

1. What is the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS)?

The Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) stands as a prominent political entity within the state of Telangana, with its origins tracing back to its establishment by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao in the year 2001. The party has commanded the helm of state affairs since 2014, holding the status of the ruling party.

2. What prompted the emotional breakdown of ex-Deputy CM Rajaiah in light of the BRS ticket denial?

The denial of a Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) ticket to the former Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana, Rajaiah, has caused a poignant and heartfelt reaction from him. This setback has led him to an emotional breakdown, likely due to the deep attachment he holds for the party and the expectations he had harbored for securing a ticket.

3. Who is Kadiyam Srihari and what role does he play in the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS)?

Kadiyam Srihari emerges as a distinguished figure within the ranks of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), having held significant leadership roles. He boasts a past tenure as the Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana, showcasing his pivotal contributions to the party’s endeavors. His profile exemplifies the caliber of leaders within the BRS’s fold, highlighting their collective commitment to the party’s aspirations and principles.

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