Obituary of Marie Cameron: has passed away at the age of 92

Obituary of Marie Cameron: Marie Cameron, a beloved teacher and devoted mother, has passed away at the age of 92. Let’s find out more here:

With a career spanning multiple schools and decades, Marie was known and cherished by her former students, who still referred to her as Miss Baillie or Mrs. Cameron even after 50 years. But her true passion in life was being a mom, and she was known for her exceptional love and care for her own children as well as others she took in while their parents worked.

Marie’s vibrant personality and social nature made her a fixture in her community, whether it was at her favorite local store, Cameron’s Variety, or helping out at her children’s business, Ted’s Pizza. She was also an active member of the Progressive Conservative Party, forging lifelong friendships through local meetings and conventions.

Despite the challenges she faced in her early life, Marie always considered herself fortunate to have the family and life she had. Her infectious laughter and zest for life endeared her to many, and she will be deeply missed by all who knew her.

Marie is survived by her daughter Cathy, son Dale, and their families, as well as her chosen daughter Pam and brother James. A later date will be set for her interment.

Obituary: Marie (Baillie) Cameron

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Marie (Baillie) Cameron, a beloved gem who has now found her place in heaven. Marie peacefully left this world at the age of 92 on October 24th, 2023, after a brief illness while under palliative care. Her journey began in West River Station, where she spent her early years until she moved to Westville with her chosen mother, Catherine (Baillie) O’Donnell.

Early Life and Education

Marie’s formative years were filled with resilience and determination. Despite facing challenges, she always considered herself fortunate to have the loving family and life she had. After completing her schooling, Marie pursued her passion for education and attended Normal College, where she honed her skills and became a dedicated teacher. This chapter of her life was one she cherished deeply, and she often spoke fondly of the impact she made on her students’ lives.

Teaching Career

Marie’s teaching career took her on a remarkable journey through various schools, from Lovat to Eureka, leaving a lasting impression on countless students. Even decades later, former students would warmly greet her as Miss Baillie or Mrs. Cameron, a testament to the lasting impact she had on their lives. Marie’s dedication to education extended beyond the classroom walls. She had a genuine passion for nurturing young minds and often opened her home to children whose parents needed support while they worked. Her kindness and love knew no bounds, and those fortunate enough to have been touched by her generosity know the profound impact she had on their lives.

Marriage and Family

Marie’s life took a beautiful turn when she met the love of her life, Donald Cameron. In 1955, they exchanged vows and embarked on a journey filled with love, laughter, and dance. Together, they built a strong and loving family. Marie’s role as a mother was one she cherished deeply, and she was known to be an incredible mom to her children. Her dedication and love for her family were unwavering, and she always went above and beyond to ensure their happiness and well-being.

Involvement in Business and Politics

While Donald kept busy with his various business ventures, Marie was his steadfast support and partner. One of her favorite places was Cameron’s Variety in Riverton, where she enjoyed being a social butterfly and connecting with the community. She also played an active role in her children’s business, Ted’s Pizza, lending a helping hand wherever she could. Marie’s involvement extended beyond the business realm. She and Donald were passionate supporters of the Progressive Conservative Party, attending local meetings and annual conventions. Through their political engagement, they formed lifelong friendships and made a positive impact on their community.

Love for Children and Community

Marie’s love for children extended far beyond her own family. She had a heartwarming passion for nurturing and caring for children, often opening her home to those in need while their parents worked. Her kindness and selflessness knew no bounds, and she made a lasting impact on the lives of those she welcomed into her heart. Marie’s dedication to her community was evident in her role as “Nan’s Taxi,” providing late-night pick-ups for friends and family, always accompanied by a joyous sing-along on the way home. In her later years, she found solace in watching her son-in-law, Wade, fill the bird feeders, a simple act that brought her immense joy and contentment.

Fond Memories and Legacy

Marie (Baillie) Cameron leaves behind a legacy of love, laughter, and cherished memories. Those who had the privilege of knowing her will forever hold dear the moments shared with this remarkable woman. Marie’s vibrant spirit and zest for life touched the hearts of all who crossed her path. Her legacy will continue to inspire and bring joy to those who remember her.

Appreciation for Family and Friends

Marie deeply valued the importance of family and treasured the bonds she shared with her loved ones. Her warm and nurturing nature created a strong sense of unity and love within her family. She had a remarkable ability to make everyone feel welcome and loved. Marie’s circle of friends was vast, and she cherished each and every one of them. Her genuine care and compassion for others left an indelible mark on the lives she touched.

Predeceased Loved Ones

Marie was preceded in death by her beloved husband, Donald, and their son, Donnie. The loss of these cherished family members left a void in Marie’s heart that could never be filled. She also mourned the passing of her sister, Betty Bourque, and her brothers, Reggie Breault, Johnny Corbett, Robert Breault, and Matthew “Buddy” Corbett. Their memories will forever be held close by those who loved them.

Surviving Family Members

Marie is survived by her loving daughter, Cathy (Wade) Salter, and their daughter, Spencer, who affectionately referred to Marie as “mini nan.” Her son, Dale, and his children, Brent (Leann), Tiffany (Ryan), and grandson Steven Cameron, also carry on her legacy. Marie’s chosen daughter, Pam MacDonald, and her brother, James Corbett (Elaine), continue to cherish the memories and love they shared with her. The bonds of family remain strong, and Marie’s spirit lives on through her surviving loved ones.

Interment Details

A private interment service to honor Marie’s life will be held at a later date. This final farewell will provide an opportunity for family and close friends to gather and pay their respects. As Marie finds her eternal resting place, her memory will forever be cherished in the hearts of those who loved her.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Marie (Baillie) Cameron, a beloved member of the Riverton community. Marie lived a remarkable life, starting as a teacher and later becoming a devoted mother and grandmother. She was known for her kindness, love for children, and her involvement in local businesses and politics. Marie’s infectious laughter and warm hospitality made her a cherished friend to many. She is survived by her children, grandchildren, chosen daughter, and brother. Marie will be deeply missed, and her memory will live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved her. May she rest in peace.

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