Michael Dempsey passed away: why did Michael Dempsey die?

Michael Dempsey passed away: why did Michael Dempsey die?Let’s find out more here: cupstograms.net.

On November 13, 2023, the world bid farewell to Michael Dempsey, a cherished and esteemed resident of Craughwell, Ireland. Known for his warmth, generosity, and resilience, Dempsey’s passing marked the end of an era. Despite humble beginnings, he overcame adversity to become a successful entrepreneur and dedicated philanthropist, leaving behind a legacy of love, compassion, and significant contributions to his community. Join us as we celebrate the life and lasting impact of this beloved figure.


Michael Dempsey – A Beloved Figure

Michael Dempsey Obituary - 2022

Michael Dempsey, affectionately known as Mickey Dempsey, was a beloved and revered figure in the communities of Craig Country House, Garracloone South, and his hometown of Craughwell, Ireland. His passing on November 13, 2023, marked the end of an era defined not by place, but by the warmth of his personality and the generosity of his spirit. He will be deeply missed by his extended family, neighbors, and friends.

Early Life and Challenges

Michael Dempsey was born in 1945 in the small village of Craughwell, County Galway, Ireland. Growing up in impoverished and challenging circumstances, he had to leave school at the age of 8 to work as a farmhand and support his family. Despite these hardships, Dempsey remained studious and educated himself through books within his household. His determination and intellect shaped him into a resourceful and astute individual.

Success as an Entrepreneur

Through his intelligence, dedication, and a stroke of good fortune, Michael Dempsey overcame adversity to become a successful entrepreneur. He founded a construction company and ventured into real estate, making significant contributions to job creation and the development of vital structures for the local community. His resilience and determination served as an inspiration to others, and he was highly regarded for his achievements.

Contributions to the Community

Beyond his professional endeavors, Michael Dempsey actively participated in charitable and community activities. He was deeply committed to giving back to society and making a positive impact on the lives of others. Dempsey sponsored the construction of schools, hospitals, and affordable housing for the underprivileged. He also provided financial assistance to families in need and awarded scholarships to deserving students. His selfless contributions will forever be remembered and cherished by the local community.

News of Michael Dempsey’s Passing: Cause of Death

The communities of Craughwell and Loughrea in Galway, Ireland received the sorrowful news of Michael Dempsey’s passing on November 13, 2023. At the age of 78, this beloved and esteemed resident took his last breath at his home, leaving behind a profound sense of loss.

Old Age and Declining Health

Mr. Dempsey’s passing was attributed to old age and declining health after a prolonged battle with lung cancer. Over the past six months, his health had deteriorated, leaving him exhausted and unable to recover. Despite the challenges he faced, he was fortunate to receive devoted care from his family and meticulous treatment from doctors, allowing him to spend peaceful and serene days with his loved ones before his tranquil passing. Although his late wife and two sons had preceded him, he is survived by three sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren who bid him a heartfelt farewell.

Mourning and Legacy

The sudden departure of Michael Dempsey has left the community deeply shocked and mournful. Not only was he a successful entrepreneur, but he was also an outstanding member of his homeland, always actively contributing and aiding others. His legacy includes a happy family and significant contributions to the community. As the community mourns his loss, they will forever cherish the memories and contributions of this remarkable individual.

Obituary, Funeral, and Burial Details for Michael Dempsey


The family of Michael Dempsey has announced the details of his wake, funeral service, and final resting place, allowing friends, family, and community members to pay their respects and bid farewell to this beloved figure.

Wake and Funeral Service

The wake for Michael Dempsey will be held at Kilboy Funeral Home on Tuesday evening, November 15, 2023, from 5 PM to 8 PM. This will provide an opportunity for loved ones to gather, share memories, and offer condolences to the grieving family. It will be a time of reflection and support as the community comes together to honor the life of Mr. Dempsey.

On the morning of November 16, the funeral service will commence at 12:30 PM at St. Brendan’s Church in Loughrea. This solemn ceremony will be a time to celebrate the life and legacy of Michael Dempsey, as family, friends, and community members come together to pay their final respects. The service will be a heartfelt tribute to a man who touched the lives of many.

Final Resting Place

Following the funeral service, the remains of Michael Dempsey will be taken to Mount Pleasant Cemetery near Loughrea for burial alongside his beloved late wife. This serene and peaceful resting place holds a special significance for the Dempsey family, as it is also the final resting ground for several other family members. It will serve as a place of remembrance and reflection, where loved ones can visit and honor the memory of Michael Dempsey.

The family expresses their gratitude for the support, sympathy, and shared condolences from friends and fellow citizens during this time of mourning. They appreciate the community coming together to celebrate the life of Michael Dempsey and bid him a final farewell.

Legacy and Contributions of Michael Dempsey to Family and Society

Michael Dempsey leaves behind a lasting legacy of love, compassion, and significant contributions to both his family and the wider community. His impact will be remembered for generations to come.

A Happy Family


Despite the initial hardships he faced, Michael Dempsey and his late wife built a strong and happy family. They instilled values of kindness, hard work, and education in their children, creating a nurturing environment where they could thrive. As a responsible father and husband, Dempsey showed unwavering love, care, and dedication to his family. Even after the loss of his wife, his children continued to support and care for him in his final years. The bond they shared is a testament to the love and strength that Michael Dempsey brought to his family.

Contributions to the Community

Michael Dempsey’s contributions to the community were far-reaching and impactful. As a successful entrepreneur, he used his resources to make a positive difference in the lives of others. He sponsored the construction of schools, hospitals, and affordable housing for the underprivileged, providing opportunities for those in need. Additionally, he generously assisted families facing financial hardship and awarded scholarships to deserving students, ensuring that education was accessible to all. His selflessness and dedication to improving the lives of others have left an indelible mark on the community, and his contributions will continue to benefit generations to come.

Michael Dempsey’s legacy is one of love, resilience, and generosity. His memory will forever be cherished by his family and the community he touched. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Michael Dempsey, affectionately known as Mickey Dempsey, passed away peacefully at his home in Craughwell, Ireland, surrounded by his loving family. He was a cherished figure in his community, known for his warmth, generosity, and resilience. Despite humble beginnings, Dempsey became a successful entrepreneur and made significant contributions to his community through charitable endeavors. His passing has left his family, friends, and neighbors deeply saddened. The funeral and burial will be held on November 15-16, with condolences and prayers for his soul to rest in eternal peace. Dempsey’s legacy as a devoted father, husband, and friend will be forever cherished by those who knew him. May he rest in peace.

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