App is a Progressive Web Application that provides a continuous experience across devices and platforms.

This app combines the features of web pages and mobile apps, allowing users to access the same app regardless of device or operating system.


  • The app utilizes caching, compression, and service worker technology to improve performance.
  • It is secure because it only works over HTTPS (Encrypted HTTP protocol).
  • The app is free and eliminates the need for app stores like Google Play or App Store.
  • The app also works offline without an internet connection or over slow data plans.
  • The app is lightweight and quick to install, and updates silently.

How to Installation?

If you’re using the Chrome browser, head to You should see an automatic popup asking if you want to add the bar to psi converter to your home screen. Tap Install app to continue.

Navigate to using Chrome. The browser will display a click Install Add bar to psi to Home Icon in Chrome button automatically in the top right of the address bar. Click Install bar to psi.

Launch the Cupstograms app from the App Store or Google Play. Tap Install bar to psi.

How to use:

When you visit from a mobile device, the app will open in a separate window so you can continue browsing the web while your nails are being done. Tap the Install bar to psi button on the top right of the window to add our app to your home screen and start using the Cupstograms app on all your devices.