How to make the perfect kung pao chicken – recipe | Food

Kung pao chicken, or gong bao, has an interesting, if highly contested, political backstory. In at least one account, it is named after a 19th-century governor-general of Sichuan province, who suffered from dentition so bad that he could eat only small, boneless pieces of meat. The dish was forcibly renamed during the Cultural Revolution, when … Read more

Finding fufu: Australia’s growing appetite for West African food | australian food and drink

In Australian cities, Ethiopian and Sudanese restaurants have introduced diners to injera, that wonderful fermented flatbread; while home cooks’ growing familiarity with Moroccan and Egyptian cuisine means that ras el hanout has its place in our globalized pantries. These eating habits reflect waves of migration over the decades: historically, Australians of African descent come mostly … Read more

Nigel Slater’s Recipes for Fried Cauliflower with Mint Tahini and Apple Maple Syrup Pie | Food

Spring comes quite late to the kitchen. While gardens, greenhouses and allotments abound with seedlings and opening buds, anyone who likes to cook according to the season has no choice but to make do during March with what are essentially winter fruits and vegetables. Still, there are some great cauliflowers for baking with paprika-flecked cheese … Read more

How To Cook The Perfect Pancake | Dessert

With hot cross buns already getting stale on the shelves, and mince pies surely months from now, plum pudding and pancakes are the only two foods I can think of that unite the nation alone. one day a year. While pickier folks claim to find Christmas pudding too “heavy,” I have yet to meet anyone, … Read more