Amish Woman shares what happened? when she returned to her family

Amish Woman shares what happened when she returned to her family. Let’s find out more here: woman who escaped her Amish community shares her experience of returning home and the contrasting treatment she and her twin sister received. Lizzie Ens, now a glamorous nutritional coach with a large social media following, left the Amish lifestyle at 19 but was welcomed back warmly by the community. However, her brother, who also returned, was shunned and excommunicated. In a recent TikTok video, Ens reveals the challenges she faced after leaving the community, including learning about the outside world and adjusting to modern life. Despite feeling embarrassed at times, she embraces her unique upbringing.

Woman’s Experience Leaving and Returning to Amish Community

Leaving and Returning Home

Leaving behind the familiar and embracing the unknown can be a daunting decision, as Lizzie Ens discovered when she and her twin sister fled their Amish community at the age of 17. However, their paths diverged when her sister chose to return to the Amish lifestyle, while Lizzie continued her journey outside the community. After a brief return at the age of 19, Lizzie found herself welcomed back by the Amish community with open arms. Despite the initial concerns and judgments from others, the community made a conscious effort to ensure that Lizzie and her sister did not feel like they had committed a grave mistake. The first few days were a period of adjustment, during which they were exempted from some of the strict rules of the Amish lifestyle. This experience taught Lizzie the power of forgiveness and acceptance within the Amish community.

Treatment by the Amish Community

Contrary to popular belief, the Amish community displayed remarkable kindness and compassion towards Lizzie and her sister upon their return. The community’s desire to make them feel welcome and accepted was evident in their actions. Lizzie recalls being allowed to wake up at her own leisure and being exempted from certain rules during the initial days. This warm reception shattered any preconceived notions Lizzie had about being shunned or ostracized. The Amish community’s commitment to forgiveness and understanding is a testament to their strong sense of community and their belief in the power of second chances. Lizzie’s experience serves as a reminder that judgment should not always be the default response, and that forgiveness and acceptance can bridge the gaps between different lifestyles and choices.

Brother’s Experience and Shunning

Brother’s Return and Shunning

While Lizzie Ens and her twin sister were welcomed back into the Amish community after their departure, the same cannot be said for their brother. After running away from the community and later deciding to return to the Amish lifestyle, he faced the harsh reality of being shunned. The Amish community, known for its strict adherence to traditions and rules, deemed his actions as a violation of their principles. As a result, he was ignored and rejected by the entire community, a practice known as shunning. This meant that he was not allowed to participate in various church activities and was essentially excommunicated. The process of being un-shunned required him to grow out his hair to the required length and demonstrate his commitment to following the rules. The brother’s experience highlights the consequences faced by those who deviate from the Amish way of life and the importance placed on conformity within the community.

Impact on Relationship with Sister

The brother’s return to the Amish community had a profound impact on his relationship with Lizzie, his sister. The once-close bond they shared was strained as a result of his unhappiness with his decision to return. Lizzie believes that her brother’s resentment towards her stems from his dissatisfaction with his own choice to go back to the Amish lifestyle. The divide between them grew wider, and their relationship became distant and strained. This serves as a reminder of the complexities and challenges that arise when individuals within the Amish community make different choices regarding their way of life. The contrasting paths they took not only affected their personal lives but also had a profound impact on their familial connections. The story of Lizzie and her brother highlights the emotional toll that can accompany the pursuit of individuality and the clash between personal desires and community expectations.

Life After Leaving the Amish Community

Sharing Experiences on Social Media

For Lizzie Ens, life after leaving the Amish community has been a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Embracing the opportunities that the outside world offers, she has found a platform to share her experiences and insights on social media. With a growing following of over 145,000 on Instagram, Lizzie has become a glamorous nutritional coach, offering valuable tips and glimpses into Amish life. Through her posts and videos, she provides a unique perspective on the Amish community, shedding light on its traditions, challenges, and the process of leaving. Lizzie’s social media presence not only serves as a source of inspiration for others who may be contemplating a similar path but also fosters understanding and appreciation for the Amish way of life.

Learning and Adjusting to the Outside World

Leaving the Amish community at the age of 19 meant that Lizzie Ens had to navigate a world that was entirely unfamiliar to her. The transition from a tightly-knit, traditional community to the vastness of the outside world presented its own set of challenges. Lizzie openly shares her journey of learning and adjusting to this new reality on her social media channels. From discovering the concept of ordering food at a restaurant to understanding the intricacies of modern geography, Lizzie has embraced the opportunity to expand her knowledge and broaden her horizons. She acknowledges that the process of acclimating to the outside world can be overwhelming at times, but her determination to learn and grow shines through. Lizzie’s candidness about her experiences serves as a reminder of the resilience and adaptability of the human spirit when faced with new and unfamiliar circumstances.

A woman who left her Amish community at 17 years old and later returned has shared her experiences on social media. Lizzie Ens, now 36, revealed that she and her twin sister were treated kindly upon their return, with the community wanting them to feel welcome. However, their brother, who also left and returned, was shunned by the community and remained excluded until he followed all the rules. Ens now works as a nutritional coach and shares insights into Amish life on her social media platforms. She has gained a significant following and uses her platform to educate others about her experiences. Despite the challenges of leaving the Amish lifestyle, Ens continues to learn and grow every day.

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