Alfred Hall Obituary News: 42 year old killed in deadly youngstown shooting

Alfred Hall Obituary News: A tragic incident in Youngstown, Ohio has left one person dead and another injured in a targeted shooting. Let’s find out more here:

In the early hours of Monday morning, a fatal gunshot was fired in a Southside neighborhood, claiming the life of 42-year-old Alfred Hall. Another woman, aged 43, was also shot and is currently receiving medical treatment. The police have stated that there is no immediate threat to the public, as they believe the shooting was targeted. However, no suspects have been identified at this time.

The motive behind the shooting remains unknown, and detectives are urging anyone with information to come forward. The investigation is ongoing, and the coroner’s office is still conducting inquiries.

Youngstown, located in Mahoning County, Ohio, is a city on the banks of the Mahoning River. With a population of 60,068, it is the 11th-most populous city in Ohio. Our aim at Hausanew is to provide you with the latest news and updates to enhance your educational and professional journey, while also keeping you informed about global entertainment and crime stories.

Alfred Hall Obituary Ohio: 42-year-old killed in deadly Youngstown shooting

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Tragedy struck the Southside neighborhood of Youngstown, Ohio, as 42-year-old Alfred Hall lost his life in a fatal shooting. The incident occurred in the early hours of Monday on Park Hill Drive. This devastating event has left the community in shock and mourning the loss of a beloved individual.

Victim Identified

The Mahoning County Coroner’s Office has officially identified Alfred Hall as the victim of the Youngstown shooting. Hall’s untimely death has left a void in the lives of those who knew him, and his memory will be cherished by friends and family.

Details of the Shooting

At approximately 5 a.m., a tragic incident unfolded at a residence on Park Hill Drive. Two individuals, including Alfred Hall, were shot. Sadly, Hall succumbed to his injuries, while a 43-year-old woman was rushed to the hospital for treatment. The police have determined that this was not a random act of violence and believe that the shooting was targeted.

Police Investigation and Suspects

The Youngstown Police Department is actively investigating the shooting and is urging anyone with information to come forward. As of now, no suspects have been identified, and the motive behind the shooting remains unknown. The authorities are working diligently to gather evidence and bring those responsible to justice.

Appeal for Information

Detectives from the YPD are appealing to the public for any information that may assist in their investigation. If you have any details, regardless of how insignificant they may seem, please reach out to the authorities. Your cooperation could be crucial in helping solve this tragic case and bringing closure to the victim’s family.

Ongoing Investigation

Alfred Hall Obituary

The coroner’s office and law enforcement agencies are continuing their investigation into the Youngstown shooting. They are dedicated to uncovering the truth and ensuring that justice is served. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available, and the community is encouraged to remain vigilant and supportive during this difficult time.

Location Facts

About Youngstown, Ohio

Youngstown, Ohio is a vibrant city located in Mahoning County. Known for its rich history and resilient community, Youngstown offers a unique blend of culture, industry, and natural beauty. With a strong sense of community pride, the city has become a hub for education, innovation, and economic growth.

Population and Metropolitan Area

As of the 2020 census, Youngstown had a population of 60,068, making it the 11th-most populous city in Ohio. However, Youngstown’s influence extends beyond its city limits. It is a principal city of the Youngstown-Warren metropolitan area, which boasts a population of 430,591. This metropolitan area is the seventh-largest in Ohio and the 125th-largest in the United States.

Geographical Location

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Nestled in Northeast Ohio, Youngstown is situated on the picturesque banks of the Mahoning River. The city is conveniently located just 58 miles southeast of Cleveland and 61 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. This prime location provides residents and visitors with easy access to major metropolitan areas, while still offering the charm and tranquility of a smaller city.

Tragedy struck in Youngstown, Ohio, as 42-year-old Alfred Hall was fatally shot in a Southside neighborhood. The incident occurred early Monday morning, with another person also being injured. The police believe the shooting was targeted and there is no public threat. The investigation is ongoing, and anyone with information is urged to come forward. Our thoughts go out to the victim’s family and loved ones during this difficult time.

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