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Alexander bello ortiz obituary-Alexander Bello-Ortiz: A Life of Kindness, Sacrifice, and Tragic Loss. Let’s find out more here:

Alexander Bello-Ortiz, a remarkable young man known for his kindness and intelligence, brought joy and love to his family. He was accepting, nonjudgmental, and always willing to help others without expecting anything in return. Alex’s optimism and zest for life were infectious, and he believed in the power of hard work and sacrifice to achieve success.

Tragically, on September 6, 2020, Alex’s life was cut short in a shocking act of violence that shattered the lives of his family, friends, and coworkers. Despite initial speculation, the investigation revealed that his death was not a suicide, but a murder. Now, those who knew and loved Alex are fighting for justice, determined to honor his memory and create a safer world for future generations.

Alex’s legacy lives on through his selfless act of organ donation, which has given a second chance at life to seven strangers. Join us as we delve into the extraordinary life of Alexander Bello-Ortiz, a young man who touched the hearts of all who knew him and continues to inspire us with his unwavering kindness and desire to make a difference.

Alexander Bello-Ortiz Obituary


The passing of Alexander Bello-Ortiz has left a void in the lives of those who knew him. His untimely death on September 6, 2020, in his Daytona Beach, FL home, has had a profound impact on his family, friends, and coworkers. While the circumstances surrounding his death were initially misunderstood, it is important to remember the incredible person that Alex was and the legacy he leaves behind.

Early Life and Family

Born on August 5, 1998, Alexander Bello-Ortiz brought immense joy to his parents, Lourdes Ortiz and her husband. Despite being an only child, Alex never lacked love and care from his doting parents. From a young age, it was evident that Alex possessed a kind and intelligent nature. He was a devoted family man, always putting his loved ones first. Alex’s parents cherished him as their main focus and poured their love into him.

Characteristics and Personality

Alex was a remarkable individual, known for his accepting and nonjudgmental nature. He had a genuine ability to see the good in everyone, regardless of how they treated him. His kindness and generosity knew no bounds, as he would go above and beyond to make others feel loved and cared for. Alex’s optimism and zest for life were infectious, and he had a natural inclination to help those in need.

An avid collector of nostalgic items, Alex would often surprise his family with thoughtful gifts. He had a particular fondness for Japanese cartoons and music, which brought him immense joy. Alex’s dedication and hard work were evident in his achievements as an Eagle Scout, a testament to his belief in the value of sacrifice and self-discipline.

Driven by his desire to make a positive impact on the world, Alex pursued a career in engineering. He attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL, where he transferred as a senior after recognizing the university’s esteemed engineering program. During his time at Embry Riddle, Alex served as the India Flight Wing Commander, showcasing his leadership skills and commitment to excellence.

The tragic loss of Alex has left a void that can never be filled. However, his spirit lives on through the selfless act of organ donation. Even in death, Alex continues to help others, as his organs have given a second chance at life to seven strangers. His legacy of kindness, bravery, faithfulness, and forgiveness will forever inspire those who knew him. As his family, friends, and coworkers fight for justice, they strive to honor Alex’s memory and create a safer world for future generations.

Alexander’s Achievements and Beliefs

Eagle Scout and Military Service

Alexander Bello-Ortiz was a young man of exceptional accomplishments and unwavering beliefs. As an Eagle Scout, he embodied the values of hard work, dedication, and service to others. He believed that through sacrifice and self-discipline, one could achieve success regardless of race, color, or creed. Inspired by these principles, Alex made the decision to join the military and attended the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Cadre. His commitment to honor and duty was evident in every aspect of his life.

Education and Engineering Studies

Driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to make a difference, Alex pursued higher education in the field of engineering. He enrolled at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL, where he embarked on a journey to expand his understanding of the world. Recognizing the university’s top engineering program, Alex transferred from Norwich University as a senior to further his studies.

During his time at Embry Riddle, Alex immersed himself in his studies, eager to learn and grow. His dedication and passion for engineering were evident in his role as India Flight Wing Commander, where he demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. Alex’s ability to inspire and motivate others was a testament to his commitment to excellence.

Through his pursuit of education and engineering, Alex aimed to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to create positive change in the world. He believed that by understanding the intricacies of engineering, he could contribute to advancements that would benefit society as a whole. Alex’s determination to make a difference was a driving force in his academic pursuits, and his dedication to his studies was unwavering.

Although Alexander’s life was tragically cut short, his achievements and beliefs continue to inspire those who knew him. His unwavering commitment to service, education, and making a positive impact on the world serve as a reminder of the incredible person he was. As we honor his memory, we strive to carry forward his legacy of hard work, dedication, and the pursuit of knowledge.

The Tragic Death of Alexander

Investigation and Controversy

The untimely and tragic death of Alexander Bello-Ortiz has left a deep void in the hearts of his loved ones. On September 6, 2020, a devastating incident occurred in his Daytona Beach, FL home, resulting in the loss of this remarkable individual. Initially, there was confusion surrounding the circumstances of his death, leading to a controversial investigation.

The Daytona Beach Police Department (DPBD) initially ruled Alex’s death as a suicide, a conclusion that caused immense anguish and disbelief among his family, friends, and coworkers. However, further investigation revealed evidence that contradicted this ruling. The truth behind this heartbreaking event began to emerge, shedding light on the fact that this was not a planned act of suicide, but a senseless act of violence that took away a life full of promise and potential.

Fighting for Justice and Organ Donation

In the wake of this tragedy, Alexander’s family, friends, and coworkers have united in their pursuit of justice. They refuse to let his memory be tarnished by false assumptions and are determined to uncover the truth behind his death. Their unwavering commitment to seeking justice serves as a testament to the love and respect they hold for Alex and their desire to ensure that no other family experiences the pain they have endured.

In addition to their fight for justice, Alexander’s legacy lives on through his selfless act of organ donation. Even in death, he continues to make a difference in the lives of others. His organs have been donated to seven individuals, providing them with a second chance at life. This act of generosity and compassion exemplifies the kind-hearted and caring nature that defined Alexander’s character.

As his loved ones navigate the difficult journey of healing and seeking justice, they draw strength from the memory of Alexander’s kindness, bravery, and unwavering faith. They are determined to honor his legacy by advocating for a safer society and ensuring that his tragic death is not in vain. Through their actions, they strive to create a world where senseless acts of violence are prevented, and where every individual is treated with the love and respect they deserve.

It is with deep sadness that we remember Alexander Bello-Ortiz, a kind and compassionate soul whose life was tragically cut short. Born on August 5, 1998, Alex brought immense joy to his family as their only child. He was known for his kindness, intelligence, and unwavering love for others. Alex’s selflessness and acceptance of all people made him a true advocate for justice and equality. He pursued his dreams by joining the military and studying engineering at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Tragically, on September 6, 2020, Alex’s life was taken in a senseless act of violence. While the investigation initially labeled it as suicide, his loved ones continue to fight for justice and to honor his memory. In death, Alex’s generosity lives on as he saved the lives of seven strangers through organ donation. Let us remember Alex as a beacon of light and continue his mission of making the world a better place.

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