340 grams to cups. How to convert 340 grams to cups?

How to convert 340 grams to cups? Do you ever find yourself in the kitchen, staring at a recipe that calls for “340 grams,” and having no idea what that is in cups? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Turns out, there’s actually a pretty big conversion discrepancy between grams and cups, which can make following recipes a little tricky.

340 grams to cups
340 grams to cups

But don’t worry, Bartopsicom is here to help! In it, we’ll break down the conversion process step-by-step so that you never have to guess 340 grams to cups is how many. Ready to get started?

340 grams to cups


How much is 340 grams in cups? There are about approximately 1.437 cup in 340 grams. However, the result will be different depending on the type of ingredient you are measuring.

The Metric System of Measurements uses the mass units: gram (g), kilogram (kg) and tonne (t).

Source: https://www.greenfacts.org/

For example, 340 grams of sugar will not equal the same amount of cups as 340 grams of flour. To get an accurate measurement, it is best to use a kitchen scale and consult appropriate conversion charts for measurements.

340 grams to cups conversion table for some commonly used ingredients

340 grams sugar to cups

340 grams of sugar is equivalent to 1 2/3 cups. This amount is enough to make a single batch of cookies or cupcakes, or enough to sweeten an entire batch of frosting or a large pot of tea.  

340 grams of flour to cups

340 grams of flour to cups
340 grams of flour to cups

340 grams of flour is equal to roughly 2 3/4 cups. This amount is usually enough for baking a single layer cake, a batch of cookies, or a double-crust 9-inch pie. Flour is an important ingredient in many recipes and the amount used can significantly affect the texture, consistency and flavor of the finished dish. 

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340 grams of butter to cups

340 grams of butter converts to 1 1/2 cups or more accurately, it is about 1.577 cups. Butter is measured in the US by volume, not weight. To ensure accuracy, it is best to use a kitchen scale for measuring butter.

340 grams of water to cups

How many water is in 340 grams of water? 340 grams of water is equal to  1 3/8 cups water

340 grams of other ingredients

You have just taken a look at about flour, sugar, butter,… So, what about other ingredients? Check the conversion table below!

340 grams of other ingredients
340 grams of other ingredients

Important notes regarding 340 grams to cups

Important notes regarding 340 grams to cups
Important notes regarding 340 grams to cups

– Measuring 340 grams of dry ingredients by weight is far accurate than measuring by volume.

– Because the conversion rate is dependent on the density and type of ingredient used – meaning that if you’re converting 340 grams of flour, the conversion rate will be different than if you’re converting 340 grams of sugar. Therefore, it’s important that you research and calculate the conversion rate for each specific ingredient before moving forward with your recipe.

– Please paying attention to the result for 340 grams to cups is varied slightly the room temperature, the quality of ingredients, etc.

– When measuring 340 grams of an ingredient, it is important to use a kitchen scale as opposed to measuring spoons or cups, for the most reliable and accurate results.

– g is the symbol for grams

– The result is approximated numbers

How to convert 340 grams to cups?

How to convert 340 grams to cups?
How to convert 340 grams to cups?

Way 1: Use the online calculator

Using an online converter to convert 340 g to cup is a quick and convenient way of determining the equivalent measurement without having to manually calculate the conversion. It sounds like a great tool, but do you know how to use it? Easy peasy ! Follow the simple steps below!

Step 1: inputting 340 grams into the “grams” field

Step 2: Select the type of  “cup” units

Step 3: Click the convert button

Step 4: The result will appear

Is it simple right?  This type of converter is available for free on many websites and does not require any prior knowledge or expertise in measurements, making it very simple for anyone to use. It also saves time compared to manual calculations and offers more accurate results than by using approximate formulas.

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Way 2: Use the conversion formula

Converting 340 grams in cups can be done by using a conversion equation. Using the standard method of metrication, the mass in grams is divided by the cup conversion factor of cup size and the density of ingredients in order to determine the number of cups required for a given measurement. It may seem hard to imagine, but you will understand right away when you see the following general formula:

 cups = m / (ρ * cup size)

Note that ρ is the density of ingredients [g/ml or g/cm3 ]

Let’s look at the example below:

How many US legal cups are there in 340 grams of butter? (its density is 0.911 g/ml)


Summarize the question: m = 340 g, ρ = 0.911 g/ml, cup size = US legal cup = 240 ml

Apply the formula:   cups = m / (ρ * cup size) => cups = 340 / (0.911*240) = 1.555 US legal cup

Methods to fill a cup of 320 grams for baking

Methods to fill a cup of 320 grams for baking
Methods to fill a cup of 320 grams for baking

1. By a measuring cup: fill the measuring cup to the brim with the ingredient, then level off the top by running a knife or spoon across the top.

Use a measuring cup to measure how much of each ingredient you need to use in the recipe

Source: https://twitter.com/

2. By weight using a digital kitchen scale: place an empty dry container on the scale and press “tare” to reset it to zero, then add the ingredient until it reaches 320 grams.

3. By volume using a tablespoon or cup: use measuring spoons or cups to measure the ingredients, making sure to level off each spoonful with a knife before continuing.

Some notes: 

– With the dry ingredients like sugar, powder, flour,,… we scoop components from the bag, level the top, and then squeeze the bag prior to break up any lumps. You can sift the flour before fill into cup if you want

– With an ingredient comes in a smaller packet, you should simply pour it into the cup from the bag and smooth the surface.

– With soft ingredients like butter, cream cheese and peanut butter, press down into a measuring cup with the back of a spoon or knife.

Should you use kitchen scale or cups to measure 340 grams of ingredients?

Should you use kitchen scale or cups to measure 340 grams of ingredients?
Should you use kitchen scale or cups to measure 340 grams of ingredients?

For the most accurate results, kitchen scales should be used when measuring 340 grams of any ingredient. Measuring cups and spoons may provide somewhat accurate measurements but they are not as precise as weighing ingredients on a digital scale. Here are some reasons to verify this opinion:

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There are a lot of size of cup

As we know, cup is manufactured in different size depending on which country you are living. For example, 1 cup of flour in the US is equal to 125 grams while 1 cup of flour in the UK is equal to 140 grams. This difference can make a big impact on your recipe if you are not aware of it and can lead to an incorrect outcome.

The differences in filling the cup

Even when using measuring cups of the same size, it is easy to make a mistake and either over or under-fill the cup. This can happen due to the use of different utensils, like spoons or knives, when filling the cup with ingredients.

When it comes to storage, not everything is suitable with cup

Consider measuring walnuts. If you put them in a cup whole, the cup will store much less than if you finely cut them before adding them to the cup.

Save time to cooking process

If using measuring cups, you will spend more time measuring several ingredients separately, which can be time-consuming. However, with digital kitchen scales you can measure all the necessary ingredients at once and save time when cooking.

FAQs 340 grams to cups. How to convert 340 grams to cups?

How many cups does 340 grams chocolate chips equal?

There are 2 US cups of chocolate chips is equivalent to 340 grams.

340 grams of milk is equivalent to how many cups?

There are about  1.395 US cups in 340 grams of milk

How many cups is 340 grams of powdered sugar?

340 grams of powdered sugar is about 1 2/3 cups


In a nutshell, 340 grams is about 1 and a quarter cups. This may not seem like much, but if you remember this conversion when baking or cooking, it can make all the difference. Thanks for sticking with us through this post – hopefully you now have a little better understanding of how to convert between grams and cups! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave your comment below. Our team from cupstograms.net are willing to assist you!

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