28 grams to cups – 28 grams in cups of basic ingredients

28 grams to cups - 28 grams in cups of basic ingredients
28 grams to cups – 28 grams in cups of basic ingredients

If you know how to quickly translate measurements from grams to cups using the equipment you have, making simple dessert recipes at home can be a breeze. We are all aware of the significance of exact measurements when baking.

Additionally, it can be annoying when a recipe calls for grams of an ingredient but you only have cup measuring equipment! If you find yourself in such a baking predicament, you might be wondering how much is 28 grams in cups of basic ingredients.

You can use the helpful charts in this article created by bartopsicom to help you measure common baking ingredients by converting 28 grams to cups. Continue reading for easy conversion from grams to cups!

28 grams to cups

How much is 28 grams to cups? It takes 0.12 cups or 1/8 cup water to equal 28 grams. We’ve collected some convenient methods for you to convert grams to cups. By using a conversion calculator given in this blog post, by an easy formula that can help you do the conversion quickly and smoothly, or by a conversion table for a quick reference.

Formula: Divide grams by 236.58 to get cups. (US customary cup)

Cup value = Gram value / 236.58

For example, in this case of converting 28 grams into cups, using the formula above: Cup value = 28 / 236.58 => Cup value = 0.12 cups. Easy peasy!

Various sizes of cups

The US customary cup, which has a volume of 236.59 mL, is the volume that is used most frequently. If you have an American recipe, you can probably be fairly certain that it is what the authors intended. In the USA, there is yet another kind of cup; it is known as a legal cup. It has a 240 mL capacity and is used for nutritional labeling.

Other nations sporadically employ cup measurements, and recipes typically weigh non-liquid ingredients in grams rather than using volume measurements. Recipes from before 1970 called for the UK imperial cup. In the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa, the metric cup (250 mL) is still occasionally used.

How much is 28 grams in cups?

Are you curious how many cups are in 28 grams? Even though it seems straightforward, converting 28 grams to cups is not always precise. Grams are a mass unit, whereas cups are a volume unit.

Even so, you can find the conversions for the most common food items right here, despite the fact that there is no exact conversion rate for changing 28 grams into cups. 28 grams is generally converted to 0.12 cup.

How much is 28 grams in cups?
How much is 28 grams in cups?

28 grams in cups of basic ingredients

28 grams in cups of basic ingredients
28 grams in cups of basic ingredients

If you want a perfect outcome when baking, it’s a good rule of thumb to never wing the ingredient measurements. If you’re careless, estimating can actually result in a baking disaster.

Precise measurement is necessary for everything from flour to honey. The grams to cups conversion charts listed above will ensure success in the kitchen whether you’re making a sizable batch of elaborate desserts or simply want to test your baking prowess at home.

To make it simple for you to find the ingredients you need for baking, we’ve divided common ingredients into groups. Everything is measured for you, including sugars, liquid and dry ingredients like flour.

How many cups is 28 grams of sugar

How many cups are there in 28 grams of sugar? 0.14 cups are equivalent to 28 grams of granulated sugar. For baked goods that are sweetened, sugar is necessary. The right taste is ensured by using the amount that the recipe calls for.

The measurement of sugars is a little more flexible because you can adjust the amount to your personal preference. However, since sugars are essential to the caramelization, texture, and structure of baked goods, it is still crucial to follow the recipe exactly. You can be certain that you are converting grams to cups correctly by using the above table as a guide.

What is 28 grams in cups of flour

14 cup is equal to 28 grams of flour. The most frequently mismeasured ingredient in baking is flour, which is one of the basic ingredients.

A perfect batch could be ruined if cake flour measurements of 300 grams were accidentally converted to cups. There are tips for measuring powdery baking ingredients that you should be aware of in order to prevent such a baking disaster.

One is to scoop flour into the measuring cup with a spoon rather than directly from the container. To level everything out, scrape off any extra material using the flat side of a knife or spatula. This advice works with the majority of powdery ingredients and produces a more accurate result.

Remarks on the Conversion of 28 Grams to Cups

Remarks on the Conversion of 28 Grams to Cups
Remarks on the Conversion of 28 Grams to Cups
  1. If dry ingredients (such as flour, butter, cocoa powder, etc.) are measured by weight when cooking, the results will be much more accurate (28 grams).
  2. Please be aware that depending on the surrounding temperature, the quality of the ingredients, and other factors, the conversion of 28 grams to cups may vary slightly. However, if you use exactly 28 grams, you can’t go wrong.
  3. Gram is represented by the letter G.
    Cup values are rounded to the nearest 1/8, 1/3, 1/4, or integer.
  4. Please, note that you cannot use cups and grams interchangeably. You must comprehend what you are converting in order to calculate the exact cups value for 28 grams.

FAQs 28 grams to cups – 28 grams in cups of basic ingredients

How many cups of sunflower seeds are in 28 grams?

Sunflower seeds come in a variety of flavors and sizes, but no matter how they are prepared or flavored, 1 ounce (28 grams, or roughly 1/4 cup) of shelled, dry-roasted sunflower seeds contains the following nutrients: 165 calories.

28 grams of nuts equal how many cups?

128 grams of nuts.

How much is 28 grams of shredded cheese?

453 grams are in a pound. 1 pound equals 28 grams.

28 grams is equal to how many cups of chips?

28 g equals 0.165 cup of chocolate chips.

How many cups of popcorn equal 28 grams?

2.8 cups.


The fact that baking calls for exact ingredient measurements sets it apart from other types of cooking. In light of this, if baking is something you’re serious about, you should learn how to quickly convert ingredients from grams to cups or cups to grams.

You should have no trouble measuring thanks to our handy conversion tables! To always produce perfectly delicious baked goods, follow our instructions.

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