17 grams to cups – How much is 17 grams in cups?

17 grams to cups - How much is 17 grams in cups?
17 grams to cups – How much is 17 grams in cups?

Are you a baker looking for an easy and fast way to convert 17 grams to cups? Converting grams to cups can be tricky, especially when dealing with different measurements.

Fortunately, this quick guide will give you all the information necessary to accurately measure out 17 grams of an ingredient or mixture into your recipes! Learn how much is 17 grams in cups with Bartopsicom so you always achieve perfect results every time.

17 grams to cups

How to use the 17 grams to cups converter

To determine the volume in cups, enter the weight in grams in the field above. In just a few seconds, the converter will automatically show you the answer for 17 grams in cups. Easy as pie!

The best way to make sure a conversion is accurate is to use a scale. When a scale is not available, a calculator like the one above can be used to estimate the weight to volume conversion.

Continue reading to discover more information about each unit of measurement.

How to convert 17 grams into cups by formula

Divide the weight by 236.588236 times the density of the ingredient to get the equivalent cup measurement. This straightforward conversion formula can be used:

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Cups = Grams / 236.588236 × ingredient density 

Or cups = m / (ρ * cup size) in short

As a result, the weight in cups is calculated by dividing the grams by the ingredient or material’s density, which is 236.588236 times the weight in grams.

For a substance with a density of 1 g/mL, for instance, here’s how to convert 17g to cups:

17 g = 17 / 236.588236 × 1 = 0.07 cups

How much is 17 grams in cups?

How much is 17 grams in cups?
How much is 17 grams in cups?

17 grams of sugar, salt, and butter in cups

It is different from the rest for brown sugar as well. There are 220g in one cup. 17 grams would therefore be equivalent to 0.08 cup.

Almost all cooked foods are seasoned with salt to enhance flavor and protect against goiter when iodized. You might have wondered what it measures.

To simplify it for you, allow me to. 40 grams, or 1.4 ounces, is what 2 tablespoons are equivalent to. 300 grams or 10.71 oz make up one cup. 17 grams of salt therefore equal 0.06 cups.

Another crucial component in our foods is butter, which has the following measurements: 30 grams are equal to 2 tablespoons. 17 grams equal 0.07 cups, where a cup weighs 240 grams.

Convert 17 grams to cups of flour

Depending on which ingredient is chosen for conversion, various conversion formulas exist for each ingredient.

So, how many cups does one gram of flour equal? 1 / 125 = 0.008 cups. 1 gram of flour is equivalent to 0.008 cups.

Therefore, you should divide the number of grams by 125, where 125 is a conversion factor, in order to convert grams into cups for flour:

Cup of flour = Gram / 125

The number of grams can also be multiplied by 0.008, where 0.008 is a conversion factor:

Cup of flour = Gram * 0.008

If you are in need of converting 17 grams to cups, simply multiply your number in grams (17 grams) by the number of 1 cup in grams (that is 0.008 cups). So, 17 * 0.008 = 0.136 cup.

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Liquid transformation from 17 grams into cups

*US dry volumes are a different system than US liquid volumes. Confusingly, they are also named (dry) pints and (dry) quarts. Using the above tables for dry measures in cooking will likely work just fine. Outside the US, dry ingredients are usually measured by weight.

As cited in www.exploratorium.edu

In the kitchen, non-solid items are also used. Additionally, liquids are used. Their measurements are influenced by the amount of food being prepared and their viscosity. Let’s examine a few of the liquids. They typically weigh the same when it comes to honey or molasses syrup.

Both of them weigh 1.5 ounces or 43 grams per 2 tablespoons, or 43 grams total. In terms of larger measurements, a cup of either of them weighs 12 ounces or 255 grams, just slightly more than a quarter of a kilogram. To conclude, 17 grams of them weighs 0.07 cup.

17 grams of milk to cups

Whole milk typically has a 236 gram weight per cup. 17 grams of whole milk is the same as 0.07 in cup. Please, note that the weight of the milk can be impacted by the milk’s fat content, which can range from 1-5% and cause slight variations in this.

What is Grams?

What is Grams?
What is Grams?

A gram has a mass/weight of 1/1,000 of a kilogram, or about the same as the mass of one cubic centimeter of water. The gram, also referred to as the gramme, is a SI unit of weight used in the metric system. Grams are denoted by the letter g; for example, 1 gram can be written as 1 g.

What is Cups?

What is Cups?
What is Cups?

The volume of a cup is the same as 16 tablespoons or 8 fluid ounces. The term “cup” should not be confused with other volume units like the “metric cup” or “teacup.” Although one cup is roughly 236.6 milliliters, 240 milliliters are used in nutrition labeling.

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The cup is a common volume measurement in the US. Cups can be written as c and are occasionally written as C. One cup, for instance, can be written as 1c or 1C.

17 Grams to Cup Conversion Chart

For ingredients that are frequently used, convert gram measurements to cups.

17 Grams to Cup Conversion Chart
17 Grams to Cup Conversion Chart

Notes when calculating 17 grams in cups

Notes when calculating 17 grams in cups
Notes when calculating 17 grams in cups
  1. If you want to get the most precise outcome from your cooking experiments, make sure to weigh out your dry ingredients (like flour, butter, cocoa powder) on a scale; 17 grams is usually a good amount.
  2. Kindly take note that depending on a variety of factors, including the ambient temperature and the grade of ingredients used, there may be slight fluctuations when converting 17 grams to cups. However, success is guaranteed when using exactly 17 grams.
  3. Letter g is represented by the word ‘gram’.

FAQs 17 grams to cups – How much is 17 grams in cups?

What is 17 grams in cups?

17 grams is approximately 0.07 cups or 1/8 cup water.

How many cups is 17 grams of water?

17 grams of water is equal to 0.069 us legal cups.

How many cups is 17g sugar?

17 grams of sugar is equal to 0.07 cups.

How much is 17 grams of powder?

17 grams of powder is equal to approximately 0.6 ounces or 0.04 cups.


Do you have a recipe that calls for 17 grams of an ingredient, but you’re not sure how many cups that is? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our conversion chart above to see exactly how many cups are in 17 grams. Now you can get started on your baking project with confidence, knowing that you have the right amount of ingredients.

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